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"Your Front Door To The Web"®

Definition: software that provides an easy to use style to navigate the World Wide Web, and works with a wide variety of Web browsers.

Benefits and Features:

  • Point, click and go easy to use style; great for novice or advanced users;.
  • Web browser compatibility and requirements:
    1. Microsoft IE 3.0+, 4.0+;
    2. Netscape 2.0+, 3.0, 4.0 and greater;
    3. Other Web browsers - Opera, Neoplanet
    4. Installation is easy - takes approximately 1 minute - no system "re-boot"!
  • Gives you quick access to the popular Web sites along with a well organized listing of "key" and "hidden" Web resources you may never find;
  • Works independently of your bookmarks and favorites;
  • Saves lots of time and will jump start your utilization of the Web;
  • Your Web browser launches quickly if you make WEBHITZ® your default home or "start" page.

Look at our screen shots; download our demos, or purchase our software via credit card.
Premium WEBHITZ® software is the world's first Web linked premium software. It is a great tool for promoting your Web site. Why not download our interactive demonstration version now! Premium WEBHITZ® was first announced at Spring Comdex 1996. We offer a variety of creative solutions for promoting your company's Web site. Instead of giving away a baseball caps, T-shirts, or coffee mugs why not try using Premium WEBHITZ® to promote your Web site at your next event! Better yet use Premium WEBHITZ® to reward your clients for filling out an online survey, or as a great way to say thank you for their Web order. Once the word spreads see how your sales will soar.

Personal WEBHITZ® is an easy-to-use World Wide Web navigational tool. Are you feeling lost on the Web. Wouldn't it be nice to have a menu to help you navigate the Web. Why not download our interactive demonstration version now and experience why people are calling it "The next best thing since sliced bread"! Personal WEBHITZ® software takes approximately 5 to 10-minutes to download, and about 1-minute to install onto your PC. Requirements are that you have Internet access, are using one of the above listed Web browsers, and are using Windows 3.x, WIndows 95/98, or Windows NT. Personal WEBHITZ® - check out our demonstration version, you'll be glad you did.

WEBHITZ® is a product of InfoStar, Inc.

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Author: Peter H. Greene. Updated: 6/15/98