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GAMES - I hope you get some work done!
3DO WWW Server
3DO Internet Gaming - 3DO Studios; check out Meridian
3 Prong Plug
7th Level
Access Software
Apogee Software
Applet Arcade - games that require Java enabled browser
Aries - online games resource
Atari Corp. - Jagwire; makers of the Jaguar 1st 64-bit video game system
Auto Racing Simulator - Software Robot!
Barbie - official web site by Mattel
Berkeley Systems
Bingo: The Bingo Bugle Newspaper - info on Bingo!
Blizzard Entertainment
Blue Byte
Brady Games - strategy guides for today's hottest game titles
Braintainment Center - test your brain power
Broderbund Software
BURN:CYCLE - web site for the game
Byron Preiss Multimedia
c/net gamecenter - reviews, info, and more
Card Games
Casino Royale by Funscapes - Internet Casino
Chess Club
Chess Space - comprehensive chess-related listings
Computer Gaming World
Computer Player Magazine - they have lists of "current" top rated games
Crossword Crossroads(tm) - word puzzles
Digital Pictures
Digizine.com - WebROM Technology
Dreamsville - home of Comic Shop News
Dwango: Doom Heretic & Quake
Dwango: Games - offcial web site
EA Online (EA WEB) Electronic Arts
Epic Games
Game Cabinet - monthly mag
GameCenter - from c/net
GameFront - fun games to play; need the Shockwave-Plugin to play
Gamelan: EarthWeb's Java Directory
Game Link
Gamer's Ledge - lots of useful links; including downloadable games
Gamer's Ledge Online Magazine links
Games.2nd.Net - arcade, board, cards, and lots more!
Games: interactive by Small World Software - baseball, basketball, football, hockey
Games Domain - Games related information site
Game Factory
GameGuide - by CMP Publications
The GameMaster - has new games with the fastest path to payoffs on the Internet
Games - MUDS - a listing from a useful Winsock link
Game Page
Game Power - for PC, Mac, Playstation, Sega Saturn + N-64 game enthusiasts
GamerZone - game industry news, product info, hint finder system
GameSpot - links, resources
GameZone - games, downloads, FAQs, chat, etc
Goldtree Enterprises
GT Interactive
Hank Leukart's Homepage
Happy Puppy
Happy Puppy Game Developer's Page
Happy Puppy Games You Play on the WWW - see also "Zarf's list"
Happy Puppy Games Magazines Page
Hyper@ctive - gaming site; informative, "code-breakers" for games
Hyper Jeopardy
id Software
ImagiNation Network - Online Games at INN
Inter-Gallactical Games Gallery - list of games that you can download
Interactive Model Railroad
Internet Casinos Free Jackpot Slot Machine
Internet Gaming Zone - play bridge, chess, hearts, games all day
Internet Slot Machine
Internet Modem Players Listing - database of people who play modem games
Internet PC Games Charts
Interplay Productions
Jeopardy home page
Jurassic Park - the Ride Online
Kali - is the largest Internet gaming system in the world
Karpov versus World - chess game re-cap; shockwave enabled
Knowledge Adventure
Le Casino
Learning Kingdom - web based educational games
Lego Information
Logic Factory
Macintosh Gamer's Ledge - reviews, games, more
MacPlay - visit Interplay; games for Apple Mac
Magnet Interactive Studios
Maxis - official web site
Mpath Interactive - Mplayer(tm), the Web's first multiplayer game service
MECC - official web site; educational software
MECC software product showcase
Megatech Software
Monopoly - official web site; see "Hasbro" too
Mortal Kombat
Mpath home page - potential online provider of games
Mplayer - multiplayer game service; 1,000,000+ members
Mud Connector: listings of Multi-user Online Games
Myst.com - step in
Myst Walkthrough Plus! - from the author of the game
N64 - unofficial N64 web site
National Budget Simulation by CCER
Nintendo's home page
New World
NEXT Generation - computer and video games web site
Online Gaming Review - by Computer and Net Player
Outland Software - Apple only interactive gaming
PC Game Finder - searchable; links to demos, reviews, previews, + more
P.C. Games Page
Papyrus - NASCAR games, Indy racing
PlaySite - Java site; chess, checkers, and more
PHT Games - access to lots of resources
Pop Rocket - visit the "Shockwave" game arena
Puzzles@Random - crosswords, puzzles, contests, freebies; by Random House
Puzzle Depot - devoted to puzzles, board games, trivia, related books + software
Rail Serve - railroad web sites catalog
Raven Software Corp.
Renaissance 2000
RoadTrips - interactive game web site
Sanctuary Woods Multimedia
Sega's Home on the Internet
Shadow Island Games
Sierra On-line Web
Sixdegrees - everyone on the earth is connected by a path of six people or less
Software Site - Windows based games
Sony PlayStation - unofficial web page
Spacetec IMC
Spectrum-Holobyte MicroProse
Spectrum Holobyte Affiliated Label Page
S.P.Q.R - The Quest Begins - Timer-Warner game site
TBM Games - reviews, demos, links; listen to GameRadio
TEN (Total Entertainment Network) - interactive games online; Netscape
Trans Phonics, Inc. - VR web site plus additional links
Trivia Online - register; online trivia game
Utopia Technologies, Inc. - developer of realtime 3D games; Montezuma's Return!(tm)
Viacom New Media
Video Games On Line - well organized; searchable
VideoGameSpot - info, reviews, cheat codes, previews, movies + more
Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Virtual Arcade - video games you can play
Virtual Comics - by Byron Preiss Multimedia
Virtual Entertainment
Virtual i-O Home Page - virtual i-glasses
Virtual Slot Machine
VR Slingshot - downloadable VR game
Web Blackjack
Webversi by Searchlight Software - play the game
Westwood Studios - 10 years of Interactive Entertainment
Win95 - Games - Launch Event
WinSite's Directory of Games - ftp site with descriptions; download
WWW Virtual Library: Games and Recreation
Yoni's Games - links, shareware
YPN: NetGames - a broad guide
Zarf's List of Interactive Games on the Web - it's coming to an end
Zombie Virtual Reality Entertainment

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