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"This is a once in a lifetime event. One has to realize that to do nothing about the Y2K problem is the wrong action. Whether it be for yourself, your family & home, your own business, or for your employer, it is best to take a pro-active role and participate in the solution; don't become part of the problem". [The following Web resources are to further your research into the Y2K problem and for performing some self-help. Use these references at your own risk]. - Peter Greene

Suggestions on things to check on, keep hard copies of in a safe place, and to be aware of include: insurance policies, credit card balances, loan schedules including mortgages, product warranties, food & drug expirations, bank account and investment account information. Any electronic device or computer system that incorporates a calendar is suspect until tested; items to check include: any type of computer, video machines, microwaves, telephones including answering machines & voice-mail systems, cash registers, ATM's (automated teller machines), alarm & security systems, heating & air conditioning systems, and any device regulated by a timer. Take action, do your homework, and be prepared; the event (Y2K) is not going to go away! Your motto should be "test, test, test".

WEBHITZ® Y2K Web Resources:
  • (*)Change Windows Default Date Setting via the Control Panel! In your "Control Panel"double-click on"Regional Settings", click "Date" tab and change your "Short Date Style" to a choice with 4 Y's in it! Click Apply and then click OK.
  • Apple Computer & the Year 2000 - Macs are safe / the rest have work to do!
  • Bank Administration Institute - Y2K resource page; "What is the Y2K Problem"
  • Barnett Data Systems - seminars on data warehousing; Year 2000 issues + more
  • Beyond.com Software Store Y2K Products - access to and purchase Y2K software & info
  • Cassandra Project - raise public awareness about the Y2K problem & associated risks
  • Center for Millennial Studies - other resources available from here
  • Check 2000 - from Greenwich Mean Time; for help with PC related Y2K problems
  • CIO Council by the Federal Gov't - their "Year 2000 page"
  • Computerworld - their Year 2000 resource
  • ComputingSite - a search engine for technology related resources; includes Year 2000
  • DataDirect - by Intersolv; for data connectivity - multiple platforms
  • Data Junction - top-rated data conversion utility software
  • Datamation - online version of magazine; useful reference & access to resources
  • SCI's Year 2000 Conference - on testing strategies & solutions; fall '98
  • Everything 2000 - a resource to help prepare for the new millennium
  • Gary North - Y2K links and forums
  • IBM Year 2000 - their Web resource for this topic
  • Information Technology Association of America - also "year 2000" vendor directory
  • In The Loop - countdown to the event
  • Infoware - software search engine; includes y2K software solutions
  • Internet Y2K Campaign - united effort of Internet Organizations attempting to raise awareness
  • (*)MS Excel 2000 Y2K Bug - download Year 2000 Scan & Fix under "Data"
  • (*)Microsoft TechNet - Year 2000 - access to their resource center
  • (*)Microsoft WIndows 95 - in case you don't want Windows 98; Year 2000 Update information page
  • (*)Microsoft Year 2000 Tools - download Year 2000 Scan & Fix under "Data"
  • Microsoft Year 2000 Resource Center - if you use their products, you should visit this
  • Millenium Meltdown clock - only available on JavaScript enabled browsers
  • Money.com's Year 2000 - well organized resource; source of "diagnostic tools"; questions to aks & share
  • Mother of All Year 2000 Link Centers - lots to review here
  • National Software Testing Lab (NTSL) - check out their "YMARK 2000" testing program; lots to review
  • Nerd Herd's Year 2000 Resource Page - another resource to check out
  • PCWEEK's "Y2K Watch" Newsletter - go here and sign-up
  • PCY2000 Alliance - by PC industry companies to help you understand & address Y2K issues
  • PinPoint Software - "ClickNet Y2K" software for year 2000 compliance desktop tool
  • Ready For Y2K - year 2000 home preparation site; suggestions & info for you to be prepared
  • RightTime - clock check for your PC
  • Safetynet, Inc. - Yes2K "test" software to detect & fix most hardware problems
  • Senate Y2K Committee - special committee formed; news & special reports
  • State of WI Year 2000 Resource Page - Governor's "Summit on Year 2000 Thursday, October 8, 1998"
  • Stevens Register - Year 2000 compliant list
  • Vendor2000 - by EDS; search + check Year 2000 readiness of products found in their online database
  • y2k.com - legal & management info on the year 2000 problem
  • y2k.gov - president's council on Year 2000 conversion
  • Y2K Action Conferences - by Dr. Ed Yardeni; Internet audio conferences with many of the world's top experts on the Year 2000 Problem
  • Y2KAnswers - English version; organized resource that may be of value
  • Y2K Brief - organized resource divided into useful sections
  • Y2KChaos - information resource and their "Understand Y2K in 5 steps" page
  • Y2K for Women - resource for women to keep your family safe
  • y2kinvestor - Investment related issues surrounding the year 2000
  • Y2K Links - well organized collection of Web resources
  • Y2K Links Database - organized millenium resource to help you prepare
  • Y2K NewsWire - daily news and info on this topic
  • Y2K Pain Index - by Beach & Oleson; a chart of year 2000 probabilities & predictions
  • Y2K Survival Kit - by Jesse Berst @ ZDNet AnchorDesk
  • Y2K Time Bomb - by Westergaard; very diverse resource; includes book center
  • Y2K Update Report - access to a variety of insights from the "experts"
  • Y2K Watch - resource to inform, educate & assist you in preparations for the Y2K
  • Y2K Web site by Yelm, WA - organized access to lots of Y2K resources
  • Y2K woes not restricted to Jan. 1, 2000 - article in USA Today 6/24/98
  • Year 2000 and Euro - IT challenges of the century
  • Year 2000 PC Bios Testing Page - by Robert Hillard
  • Year 2000 Information Center - a useful resource for this topic
  • Year 2000 Journal - mag. that covers this topic; resources, info & more
  • Year 2000 Registry - for status reports & advisories
  • Year 2000 Research Center - by CIO magazine; articles & Web resources
  • Year 2000 shows wired weakness - as reported by MSNBC; includes ore useful links
  • ZDY2K - a well organized & useful resource to help with the Year 2000 compliance chanllenge

  • Send your comments and questions to comments@infostar.com

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