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WEBHITZ® Apple Macintosh Resources This column briefly describes each Web resource listed on your left.
Apple, Macintosh eBay Listings - the "top down" way to access "all things Apple, Macintosh" on eBay! Have fun shopping! To value your equipment try the "Mac Appraiser" (Temp. Down).
Aladdin Systems, Inc. - developer of business and consumer products
All OS X - Macintosh OS X News and Products.
Apple's Home Page - official Web site; also the link to their "OS X page".
AppleCare - their sign-in page.
AppleCare Knowledgebase - searchable; the official Apple support database.
AppleCare Support - access their product pages; by Apple Computer.
(The) Apple Collection - lots to check out including their "Links Collection for the Mac".
American Computer Exchange - buying and selling used computers.
Apple Developer - services and products to help developers.
Apple Download - their official featured software download page.
Apple FireWire - more than 30 times the bandwidth of the popular USB 1.1 peripheral standard, FireWire 400 is their standard for data transfer. Also visit: "FireWire Central","FireWire Depot", "FireWireMax", and "FireWireDirect.
Applelinks - great Apple resource portal to know; news, software, reviews & more.
AppleMasters by Apple - showcase of visionary experts.
Apple's Orchard - Apple news resource; in need of some help!.
Apple's QuickTime - Apple's online multimedia player for the Web; requires download.
Apple Store - the official online store by Apple.
Apple Tech Info Library - search Apple's knowledgebase of 14,000+ articles.
ARDI Software Co. - "Executor" lets your PC run many Macintosh programs.
BABEL - a glossary of computer related abbreviations and acronyms.
Berkeley Macintosh Users Group - BMUG; large consumer advocacy Macintosh users group.
Beyond Software - Macintosh only version of their store.
Boston Computer Exchange - BCE since 1982; new, used & refurbished equipment.
Computer ESP Agent - shop for Mac & PC products.
Computing Dictionary - searchable dictionary of computer terms.
Computerist Magazine - insightful online ezine for free technical help.
Connectix - Quickcam; Virtual PC "Pentium MMX emulator for PowerPC".
COOL Doctor - Computer Doctor Online.
Computer Searcher - lists computers for sale; Apple, PC, or other types.
Coursey.com - report on computing and communications.
Cyberdog - is Apple's integrated software suite for Internet use.
Data Communication Terms - definitions; glossary by Black Box; useful.
DayStar Digital - multiprocessor systems; upgrades for Mac, Mac Clones.
Developer Direct - offer the latest tools for software and website developers.
Drivers Headquarters - for download; organized by category/type.
Ethernet Page - lots of useful info on Ethernet; great resource for all the details!.
EveryMac.com - complete guide to every Macintosh, Mac Compatible, and upgrade card in the world, with technical, configuration, and pricing details.
Everything Macintosh - lots of supportive links - 100 top links & more; access their "forums" too!
Gigabit Ethernet Alliance - promote industry cooperation to help further development.
Global Village
Guide to Ribbons and Catridges by GRC - look for replacement products.
How to be a Telecommuting Pilot - see also Telecommute America!
Hypertext Handbook - glossary of terms; see also HTML subject.
ICQ - Internet communication network program; a must visit - download + use it.
Information Alley - Apple support; UnOfficial web pages.
InformationWeek Resource Center - for business and technology managers.
Internet Help Desk - to offer help to both beginning and advanced Internet users.
Internet and Unix Dictionary - online version; useful.
I/O MUG: Internet Only Macintosh Users Group
Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh - a concise collection of starting points for exploring.
Jargon File - links and searchable.
LowEndMac.com - if you own an older system, a good resource to know.
Mac-Hints-Tips.com - a collection of tips culled from newsletters of Macintosh user groups & other sources.
Mac Addict.com - online resource, news, links, etc.
MacAttorney.com - law office software list for the Macintosh.
MacCentral.com - product info, news, tips, reviews and more.
MacChannel.com - information delivery system for the Mac.
MacDirectory.com - searchable; news, product info + more.
MacDisk.com - solutions for data/file transfers between PC's and Mac's. Here's their "tips page".
Macdownload.com - searchable; organized software source - by ZDNet.
Macfaq.com - the Twelve Steps of Appleholics Anonymous.
MacFixIt.com - troubleshooting solutions for the Macintosh; also visit their "VersionTracker" site.
MacFixItForums.com - forums to help you with Mac solutions.
MacGalaxy.com - Madison, WI Macintosh store since 1992; also checkout "Wisconsin.com".
MacinBlog.com - a collection of daily mac tips, hints and frustrations.
MacInTouch - info and services for productive Mac computing.
Mac Net Journal - monthly digital publication for Macintosh users.
MacNN.com - the Macintosh News Network; a great resource to use to keep up with Mac happenings.
MACnSTUFF - used Apple & Macintosh computers and peripherals.
MacObserver.com - news, columns, software info & more.
MacOffice - news & information for the Macintosh community.
MacOrchard.com - cultivated list of the most vital Internet applications for the Mac.
Mac OS by About.com guide - here's the link to their "Mac OS X Tips" page.
MacOS Daily - searchable; news, reviews, links, archives.
MacOSXHints.com - hints, fourms - how to help yourself with OS X.
MacLedge.com - a.k.a."Macintosh Gamer's Ledge" news, reviews, downloads & more.
Macintosh MUDding Resource Page - Internet MUD resources for the MacOS.
Macintosh Page
Macintosh PCI Page - aimed at owners of PCI based Power Macintosh.
Macintosh Resouce Page - news, info, product fixes; great resource.
MacStop - a.k.a. "Macintosh Roadstop"; personal Mac News; info, reviews, subscribe to newsletter.
Macintosh Vendor Directory - searchable.
Macintosh Webmaster Resource - news, tips, tricks,& info.
Macintosh WWW Resources - access to server, CGI, HTML links.
MacInSearch - search 100% Macintosh web sites.
MacIS Europe - Apple conference in Europe.
MacOS Info Web - for Apple users.
MacResQ - large independent Macintosh reseller; parts, repairs & more.
MacSales.com - a.k.a. "Other World Computing"; purchase Apple products or access their "Tech Center".
MacsDiner.com - a guide to Macintosh software. [also visit "Macinsearch"].
MacSense - online news and magazine Web site.
MacSOURCE: Current Mac News & Updates - great resources sites, news, info, etc.
Mactivity - Apple developers conferences.
MacUpdate - searchable; download the latest software and games.
MacWEEK - by Ziff-Davis; daily new for Mac Managers.
Macworld - magazine for Apple systems.
Made with Mac site - resource list of Web sites made with Mac's (in the design and production of content for the WWW).
Madison WI Macintosh User Group - also try this link to the "Mad Mac Madison Macintosh Users Group".
Micro House International
Microsoft Office Web Site - popular software's info available.
Microsoft Support Online "Knowledge Base" - for MS software support; searchable.
Modems.com - useful information, tips, etc....
Motorola PowerPC Home Page - official web site; and Motorola.com.
Network Buyers Guide - a place to help making purchasing decisions.
Oddities Curios & Rarities for the Macintosh
Online Support Center - help with your system.
PC Cyber Shop - by PC-Today; PC buyers' guide/directory.
PCI PowerMac Software Conflicts
PCI Product Directory for Power Macintosh - from Apple Computer.
Personal Computer Rental Corporation - if you need to rent a computer; their "Online Support".
Power Computing Corp. - Mac Clones manufacturer.
Power Macintosh Resource Page - by Apple Computer.
PowerPage.org - covers the "Powerbook" market segment of Apple systems.
Processor - publication; source of new + used hardware and software.
Product ReviewNet - need help? Searchable product reviews.
Program.com - for developers; news and resources on the Net.
Programmer's Oasis - searchable; resources and info.
Roadstop - online Mac mag.
SiteLink - Web guide for Macintosh users; useful site to know.
Technology Information Centre Knowledgebase - access to lots of info, software, etc....
Tech Talk - weekly broadcast over the Internet; uses audio technology.
Technical Glossary
Telecommute America! - presented by AT&T.
TidBITS - weekly; emphasis is the Macintosh and the Internet.
TipWorld - free service; computer tips, news, and gossip delivered via e-mail.
Total Recall Data Recovery Services - useful site to know about!
UltimateMac - this is a great resource for Mac users! Lots of good information. You'll want to familiarize yourself with this site.
UMAX - scanners, computers (Mac Clones), and more.
User Group Network - for member + managers of computer user groups.
VersionCheck - access their database and check software versions.
Version Tracker - Mac only; check Version Tracker to find the latest.
Versions - free internet service to keep up with updates/fixes.
Webintosh - working with the Mac on the Web; useful

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