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Peter Greene's Tech Support Web Resources:

    Some Web addresses to help with technical support issues for working with microcomputers. Check out Peter's book selections at his "Book List Page". Also visit this "Web Resource". Use of the products and services offered is at your own risk. I do not offer tech support on these resources. E-Mail me and give me your feedback to: click here to email me

    (a (*) means it is a new addition to the list)

  1. 15 Seconds - resource for developers working with Microsoft Internet solutions
  2. 56K - support resource for higher speed modems
  3. Ad-aware - [main Web site is here] software to help with the removal and prevention of Spyware programs from your computer system; works on Win9x/ME/NT40,2000 and Windows XP operating systems. Here's a "backup link for Ad-aware." Other programs to try are Steve Gibson's "OptOut", "NoAds [from SouthBayPC]", and OnTrack's "Internet Cleanup Software".
  4. ADSL Forum - covers ADSL technology and related information
  5. - is a freeware banner ad blocker; it works by blocking the download and display of ad images, advertising pages and those additional annoying popup browser sessions. Also for more solutions to this problem - scroll down to the "Privacy Protection" section where you will find lots more.
  6. Amnesi - Internet name search engine; for Internet server names (DNS)
  7. Analyze Your Privacy! - from Privacy.Net; check out all the details!
  8. - collection of information, tips, fixes, workarounds, & answers for Windows related products.
  9. AnswerExpress - PC product support services by Intel
  10. Apple Computer - searchable; purchase direct and more
  11. Applelinks - news, software updates, & more
  12. ARDI Software Co. - "Executor" lets your PC run many Macintosh programs
  13. Bandwidthplace - run tests on your Internet connections to see your how fast you are connected to the Internet.
  14. BannerAdMagic - frustrated about Web banner advertising; check this out.
  15. - comparing national ISP's and online services + more
  16. Benchin' Software Reviews - searchable; lots to look at!!
  17. BetaNews - info on products currently in testing
  18. BrainBuzz - a useful IT resource to know about
  19. *** - popular Windows operating system author and columnist for InfoWorld. Lots of excellent material to read online without buying any of his books. "Click here for a list of his 2001 articles in InfoWorld". Access his recent articles on "They'll be No XP for Me [Oct. 5, 2001]" and "No XP for Thee [No.v 2, 2001]". Access to past "articles online". For Win 98/2000 users - a way to speed-up cab/DSL access -> "checkout this speed tip" and Microsoft's "Sneaky Service Packs".
  20. Brinkster - for Web developers; free 30MB of Web space with membership.
  21. - by c/net; latest browsers available for downloading; info + more
  22. BrowserTune - hundreds of tests to see what features your browser supports
  23. Browser Watch - keep up with whats new in browser technology
  24. C/net community - tech community online that is packed with news, tips, and free downloads!
  25. C/net Windows 98 - speed tweaks pages; helpful tips, shortcuts and more.
  26. CableModemInfo, CableModemHelp, and Cable-Modems - are 3 comprehensive resources to assist cable modem users on modem sharing, security, speed and more. [May also help with slow access (Internet slowness) to the Internet; see also "DSL Research Resources" below].
  27. CalendarScript - is a fully customizable event-publishing solution; demo available for download.
  28. Caldera - DR-DOS and OpenLinux operating systems; give life to older PC's; DR-DOS supports a Web browser on a 80386 with 4MB of RAM
  29. - lots of useful tips from this useful Web resource
  30. Children's Software - software reviews and help; news
  31. Chip Directory - chip lists, chip pinouts, manufacturer lists, and link to other engineering-oriented information
  32. ClipArtConnection - a resource of Web Clip Art
  33. Company Finder - search 4700+ high tech company database
  34. Computer Science - from the Univ. of Albany - lots of good reference information.
  35. Computer Virus Resources - posted by the CERT® Coordination Center
  36. Computing.Net - a good tech support resource for a variety of OS's (Operating Systems); also check out their "How To's".
  37. ComputingSite - a search engine for technology related resources
  38. Connectix - Virtual PC - "Pentium MMX emulator for the PowerPC".
  39. Cookie Central - a resource to help you understand what cookies are
  40. CookieMaster @ ZD Net Software Library - search on "CookieMaster"; free download - this software allows control over the "Cookie" files collect and generated on your system.
  41. Copernic Search Software - try this personal search agent software
  42. CPSR - computer scientists & others concerned about the impact of computer technology on society
  43. CPU Central - source for x86 CPU information
  44. CyberTechHelp - resource for tech support help on a variety of Operating Systems; also visit their "tutorials".
  45. CyberTechHelp Tutorials - useful online instructions (tutorials) on using/enhancing the use of your computer system (variety of Operating Systems are covered).
  46. DataJunction - top-rated data conversion software
  47. DataRecoveryGuide [hard drive recovery] - a resource that features an organized directory of companies that specialize in data recovery product & services. "OnTrack" which has worldwide locations including office in MN, and, "TNT Data Recovery & Hard Drive Repair labs" is located nearby in Illinois.
  48. DaveCentral - shareware, freeware, demos + more
  49. DBXtract - email message extraction "utility" program to assist you with email data/message recovery (for Outlook Express 5 and 6).
  50. Dead Cow's "Back Orifice" and Microsoft's "response"
  51. DesignShops - by WebReview; Web design news, features and tutorials.
  52. developerWorks by IBM - check out their jCentral Java search engine
  53. Devhead - development resources, articles, scripts, services & more
  54. - developer news source; also "ASPWire", "CEWire", & "VBWire"
  55. DevX - a useful resource for programmers and Web developers.
  56. Diskeeper - software [30-day trial available], a disk defragmenter instead of Windows own version. Also visit "Raxco", "oo-software", "Ontrack", and Speed-Disk by "Symantec".
  57. "DHTML" - Dynamic HTML Zone - site to help designers create dynamic pages
  58. Digimarc - patented digital watermarking technology, which provides persistent digital identity for all media content --> including audio, video and images, that can enable copyright protection and tracking.
  59. DomainGames - check on what is reserved and who owns it; you might need this - "ReserveMe".
  60. Domain Stats - statistics on global domain name registrations.
  61. Dot Com Directory - look up company information; also see "Domainator" or "StartStorm"
  62. - and their [parasite] "spyware checker", "Spybot SD [Search and Destroy]", and also use "SpywareInfo's Xscan". Also visit "", "PestPatrol", "Freebies Bank", "Darnit", and another "Known Spyware List".
  63. DNSstuff - nice search interface page that references lots of useful Internet and Web information lookups.
  64. DriverForum - device driver forum; access to a wide variety of discussions on computer devices and their required software drivers. Also visit "".
  65. DriverGuide - a guide for finding device drivers
  66. Drivers Headquarters - for download; organized by category/type. Also visit "Paco's Drivers".
  67. DShield - provides a platform for users of firewalls to share intrusion information. DShield is a free and open service. See also "ZoneAlarm" below.
  68. DSL Research Resources: DSL Reports - covers this broadband option; see also "Point Topic", "DSL", "DSLCenter", "TheDSLZone", "ADSL", "CompareDSL", "DSL Plus", "EverythingDSL", "ISP Menu", and "XDSL Resource" .
  69. DVD Information: To DVD+R or to DVD-R ... that is the question! Check out these resources: "DVDRW", "DVDdemystified", "DVD+RW (DVDplusRW)", "Meritline", and, a possible software solution - "DVD X COPY", and 2 excellent PDF document by "Verbatim" and "Maxell".
  70. EasyCleaner - a free Windows utility you'll want to check out. Does lots of useful tasks like clean-up your system's registry and remove duplicate files.
  71. eCode - free personal info manager; also visit "Jotter" and "Qpass"
  72. "E-Life" and "E-Transformation" article to read!
  73. E-Mail SECURITY Patch - provided by SnowCrest; covers Outlook 98, Outlook Express 4, Netscape, + Eudora Pro Internet E-mail
  74. - a well organized resource about electronics on the Web; great technical resource. Also visit "Electronics-training".
  75. Experts-Exchange - a great technology resource to know and use; access to their "list of topics".
  76. File Recovery - check out File Scavenger - an inexpensive shareware program for "file undelete and data recovery" for NTFS disk volumes on Windows NT®, Windows 2000®, and Windows XP®; or try "R-Undelete". Also visit this long list of "File Maintenance and Repair Utilities".
  77. Filez - you should be able to find a file or two here!
  78. FireWallGuide [ Make sure you check-out ZoneAlarm listed links below and the " Virus Resource Center" for Firewalls ] - a resource that provides easy access to independent, third-party reviews of Internet security products for home, telecommuter, and SOHO (small office, home office) end-users. Others to check-out: - [group consists of McAfee, Microsoft, Sygate, TruSecure and Zone Labs] [Personal Firewall reviews at PCMag], "ICSA Labs" [ including their "Firewall Resources" where they post an annual PDF file version of a Firewall Buyers' Guide.]
  79. FireWire - high-speed data transfer standard set by Apple Computer Co.; see also "Adaptec's FireWire (IEEE) 1394", "FireWire Central","FireWire Depot" and "FireWireDirect.
  80. - Windows troubleshooting and tech support resource
  81. Flash Mind Reader - a fun & entertaining Web site to check out.
  82. FreeAnswers - helps you solve computer-related problems by asking questions in plain, everyday language (limited to specific vendors).
  83. FreeBSD, Inc. - an advanced BSD UNIX operating system for "PC-compatible" computers; and it is free
  84. Freenet Project - a peer-to-peer network designed to allow the distribution of information over the Internet in an efficient manner, without fear of censorship. Also see the "Gnutella" links below.
  85. Freeportway - an etailing, ecommerce solution for those that need to put a catalog online. Also checkout "QuickStore" which appears to be very flexible with lots of options.
  86. Getspeed - high-speed Internet service look-up
  87. Gibson Research Corp. [ check-out their "FreeWare page of useful downloadable utilities" ] - is your Internet connection secure? Check it out with "Shields Up", "ComputerCops Scanner", "PC Pitstop", and "Zone Labs" for ZoneAlarm
  88. GlobeSoft - Swapper Utility to allow multiple network or TCP/IP settings
  89. Gnutella - is a fully-distributed information-sharing technology [considered Internet peer-to-peer]; also visit "Gnutelliums", "GnutellaNews", "GnutellaForums" and the Freenet Project.
  90. GoDaddy - save money on domain name registrations, renewals and transfers! $8.95 per year minimum fee. Very easy to use and manage multiple domains.
  91. Google Groups (formerly - search their Usenet or Newsgroups; very useful to see if other people are having the same problems. Also visit "MS Newsgroups" [useful for Microsoft products] and check out "BoardReader".
  92. GoToMyPC - remotely access and control your PC over the Internet>
  93. HardwareCentral - tech issues on hardware, reviews and more
  94. Hardware One - tech news and support resource to know
  95. HealthyPC - by Ziff-Davis; searchable - tips, tricks & more
  96. - a tech support resource from C/net
  97. - tech support resource; see Vendor Seek.
  98. HelpOnThe.Net - and make sure you visit their "Tech Support Guy Forums".
  99. HotBot - search engine for the Web or Usenet newsgroups
  100. search among 12,000+ script and programming related resources in 1,000+ categories. See also "Javascriptcity", "Javascripts", JavaScript Weenie", "JavaScript World", "JavaScript Kit"; ""; check out "" for free clipart and icons.
  101. How to Use the Fdisk and Format Tools - info applies to: Win 95, 98, 98 SE, ME, 2000 Pro, 2000 Server and Advanced. Also review this series of articles on "Formatting Your Hard Drive" - "Part 1: Why Should I Format?", "Part 2: How to Use the FDISK Tool", and "Part 3: Easy Steps On How to Format".
  102. HTML: The Compendium of HTML Elements - great resource
  103. HTMLcenter - Web development resource; reviews, tutorials & more
  104. HyperArchive - a great Apple Mac resource to know
  105. IBM e-Business and Software News Alert - lots of info; subscribe to their e-mail list
  106. IBM Web Library - access to their technical document library
  107. ICSA - an Internet security company; here's their "Security Snapshot".
  108. About Indentity Theft - useful info posted by the Federal Trade Commission.
  109. InfoQuote's Street Prices - by InfoWorld; organized links to "street pricing" on PC products!
  110. InformIT - a resource for help with your computer or IT related problems
  111. Infoware - software search engine; includes y2K software solutions
  112. InfoWorld's Free Newsletters - a wide variety of tech topics; pick some that you like
  113. - resource for keeping up with information technology
  114. International Society for Technology in Education - teachers helping teachers use technology in the classroom
  115. - by Mecklermedia; lots here; check "the List" for available Internet Service Providers (ISP)
  116. Internet Access and Sharing software products & procedures to check-out: "Windows XP [dial-up] with multiple users", "WinGate", "WinProxy", and "ComTun" by .
  117. Internet Bandwidth Speed Test - how fast is your Internet access? Another place to test your Internet connection speed is "'s Performance Test" or check out this "list of Internet speed testers".
  118. Internet2 Project - by the Univ. Corporation for Advanced Internet Development
  119. Internet Call Manager - you have 1 phone line, you're online + someone is trying to call you!
  120. Internet Email List - covers virtually any topic as related to Internet email.
  121. Internet Filtering solutions: "CyberSitter", "", "".
  122. Intranet Applications - searchable, organized resource with demos, FAQs + lots more
  123. - What is your Internet IP address? Simply click this link to lookup the IP address
  124. - IP Telephony resource
  125. ITpapers - searchable; access to 24,000+ information technology research [white] papers; also visit "techguide".
  126. IT Pro Downloads - TechWeb's download hub.
  127. IT Security - the "encyclopedia of computer security". Includes a glossary, news, products, warnings, linked resources and more.
  128. JavaScript Source - cut & paste code for your Web pages
  129. javElink - complete Web page change monitoring service; free for 20 pages
  130. JSI, Inc's Reghacks - search among lots of "many useful Windows NT / 2000 / XP tips, tricks, registry hacks and more to help troubleshoot".
  131. Kagi - access to a wide variety of software & shareware.
  132. - another search engine resource to try.
  133. L0pht Heavy Industries - company that consults and has products for computer security issues.
  134. Lernout & Hauspie - and their voice recognition product is "Voice Xpress Plus".
  135. LifeMinders - e-mail reminder service
  136. LinkLeads - e-mail reminder service
  137. Linux Tutorial by IBM - intro training over the Internet
  138. - great place to start if you're interested in this operating system; also "Red Hat Software" and "S.u.S.E." versions
  139. Linuxberg - network of 150+ affiliate locations links to 1000s of Linux programs.
  140. Linux Journal - covering the world of Linux.
  141. LinuxPlanet - resource with articles, news & more.
  142. LinuxWorld - news, featured articles, and lots more on Linux.
  143. LiveResponse or "LiveService" - have your Web site function as a Call Center if you need this feature!
  144. MacDownload - ZD Net's Macintosh software library
  145. MacNStuff - used Apple computer equipment
  146. Macro Express - a Windows macro utility you might find handy
  147. MacUpdate - organized resources for Mac users - enjoy this one!
  148. MailReader - free access to your e-mail with your Web browser.
  149. - the online version of Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine.
  150. Midtown Computer Systems Enterprise - access to very useful computer related Usenet groups; not affiliated with Microsoft corporation, Cisco corporation, Oracle, CompTIA or any other vendor.
  151. MediaFinder - search for print media & catalogs - info on 80,000 US and Canadian pubs.
  152. Memory Upgrades for your PC: Check out "Crucial", "Kingston", "Super PC" and "PNY".
  153. Microsoft.NET - their official announcement. Their "Direct Access" whitepaper. Two opinions about it -> "Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox" and "Dave Winer". See also "BizTalk" and links below.
  154. Microsoft (Defendant) versus U.S. (Plaintiff) - Civil Action No. 98-1232; browse online, download or order on paper.
  155. Microsoft Access Tips - by ZD-Journals and MS-Direct Access.
  156. Microsoft Admits Windows 98 Date Snag - story link here from 8/14/98.
  157. Microsoft and Your Privacy - links to many of their individual privacy statements are provided & more.
  158. Microsoft's BackOffice Live - products, showcase, downloads & more.
  159. MBSA - Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer - runs on Windows XP or 2000; searches a network of XP, 2000 and NT 4.0 Service Pack 4+ machines for missing patches, insecure configurations and weak passwords.
  160. Microsoft's BizTalk - an industry initiative started by Microsoft and supported by a wide range of organizations; more on "BizTalk Server 2000"
  161. Microsoft Certification - find help with these resources to try and pass MS certification : BeachFront Quizzer, TotalRecall Press, CBT Vision, Cert21, ExamGuides, FastTrak Express, LearnKey Training, MeasureUp, PocketExams, Prepatest, Self Test Software, TestOut, Toggit, Transcender, and WhizLabs.
  162. Microsoft Commands - How to use: [winipcfg - #Q141698] -
  163. Microsoft Communities - for communicating online with others about Microsoft products, technologies, and services.
  164. Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) - download their Component Checker tool to help you determine installed version information and diagnose installation issues with MDAC.
  165. Microsoft Developer's Corner - well organized; covers a wide variety of topics
  166. Microsoft Developer Network - their home page plus "Flash newsletter", "software subscriptions", "training", "events", and "monthly magazine".
  167. Microsoft Direct Access - their resource to help resellers & consultants
  168. Microsoft DLL Help Database - searchable; contains information about DLL files that ship with selected Microsoft products. Also try this "Other MS link" or maybe this Web site - "Paco's Drivers".
  169. Microsoft Download Center - searchable; quick access to their patches, updates, etc....
  170. Microsoft Events - for local events & promotions; or this for "Microsoft-sponsored events"
  171. MS Excel 2000 Y2K Bug - download Year 2000 Scan & Fix under "Data"
  172. MS Excel - "Undiscovered Tips About Microsoft Excel for Windows" - a listing of Cool "Secrets" About Microsoft Excel.
  173. Microsoft eXtreme - live broadcast held 2x/year (next up 11/14/98) designed to give computer enthusiasts previews of the latest technologies & products from Microsoft
  174. The Microsoft File: - a book" about the secret case against Bill Gates"
  175. Microsoft's FTP site - access to nearly 3000 updated listings on drivers, app notes, patches, etc... Here's the "index.txt" and one of their "readme" files.
  176. Microsoft Internet Explorer Products Download - access their main page for file/program updates
  177. Microsoft Frequently encountered problems with fonts - and some possible solutions as posted by an MVPS.
  178. Microsoft IE Bug - as reported by MSNBC on Sept. 4th, 1998; link to "Microsoft's patch"
  179. Microsoft's Internet Explorer's Homepage changes and you cannot change it to what you want - [Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 320159; hijacked] - here's their solution but be careful it requires editing the Windows Registry [visit my section below on "Microsoft Windows - Troubleshooting, Operating System (OS) Maintenance help & Backing-Up System Files"].
  180. Microsoft Industry Solutions - based on the BackOffice technology
  181. Microsoft Insider - the latest products released by Microsoft; also access their latest "trial versions".
  182. Microsoft Internet Services Network - latest news and information on Microsoft® Internet technologies
  183. Microsoft Kernel PowerToys - Web resource for enhancing Windows 95/98; not supported by Microsoft.
  184. Microsoft Knowledge Base - handy link for some self help tech support; their link to "search by Article ID#".
  185. Microsoft Licensing - resource to help answer questions about "licensing" policies for their products. See also their "MicrosoftInventoryForm".
  186. Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Program [MVPS; also see Microsoft Newsgroups below] - and the "MVPS Big List of Web SItes", "MVPS FAQ's" and "Microsoft's MVP Site"; great resources to access a high level of support for Microsoft products from dedicated individuals known as a Microsoft "MVP".
  187. Microsoft MVPS on Internet Explorer - help with troubleshooting Internet Explorer.
  188. Microsoft Newsgroups [also see MVPS above] - access the Microsoft Product Support Newsgroups; useful resource to know and utilize.
  189. Microsoft Open License - buy smart and save $$$$ here!
  190. Microsoft NT Server - MS's resource for news & info.
  191. Microsoft NT Workstation - MS's resource for news & info.
  192. Microsoft Office Excel 97/2000 Viewer - allows the user to open and view Excel 97 and Excel 2000 spreadsheet files.
  193. (Microsoft)OfficeExperts - represents a combined effort of many Microsoft Office consultants. Perhaps some assistance with your MS Office questions.
  194. Microsoft Office Products - this is their key "Office products" information page to use; great place to find updates, patches, new features, offers and more! Also use this link - "MS Office Product Updates".
  195. Microsoft Outlook 2000 "How to use" Guide - support quality articles picked by MS Product Support Pro to help you perform common tasks in Outlook 2000.
  196. Microsoft Outlook Express (ver. 5.5 & 6.0) Security Flaw Patch Oct., 2002 - security update for Outlook Express to prevent system vulnerability.
  197. Microsoft Outlook Express Version 6 Service Pack Release 1 - important "cumulative update" that cover all versions of OE 6 for the Windows operating system; 1/13/03.
  198. Microsoft Press Pass - source for news & info about Microsoft; also "try this Web site"
  199. Microsoft Protection Against Software Piracy - types of piracy, risks, the law, and being part of the solution
  200. Microsoft Search by Google - search Microsoft-related sites using Google.
  201. Microsoft's Search Wizard - their search page to explore what's on and their world wide sites
  202. Microsoft - a great security resource for Windows products; access their "Microsoft Security FAQ" page.
  203. Microsoft Security Advisor - excellent resource covering security issues; NOTE: this link is for the security patch that affects e-mail packages including Microsoft Outlook 98 and Microsoft Outlook Express versions 4.0 or later
  204. Microsoft Security & Privacy - [their] 3 steps to help ensure that your PC is protected.
  205. Microsoft Security Bulletin MS02-050 - Article# Q328145 - IE Certificate Flaw - a serious problem that has a fix ; Customers using Microsoft® Windows®, Office for Mac, Internet Explorer for Mac, or Outlook Express for Mac.
  206. Microsoft Security Bulletin MS02-065 - Article# Q329414 - [Serious Flaw Concerning] Buffer Overrun in Microsoft Data Access Components Could Lead to Code Execution [11-20-2002] - users of Microsoft® Windows®, particularly those who operate Web sites or browse the Internet. [download patch]
  207. Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS00-072) - Patch Available for 'Share Level Password' Vulnerability; if you run a Local Area Network with Windows PC's then you need this patch.
  208. Microsoft Security Bulletin - KnowledgeBase Article #291387 - error with Outlook Express 6; get this application error message trying to start OE 6 more than once or system locks-up ---> "DirectDBListenWndProc" <--- . Need to change security level settings.
  209. Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS03-003-4) [2/5/03] - a cumulative Patch for Internet Explorer; download here.
  210. Microsoft Security Notification Service - a free e-mail service to keep you up-to-date
  211. Microsoft SharePoint Portal Solution - this product gives users the ability to organize information; manage documents, and enable efficient collaboration, through a browser-based and Microsoft Office integrated environment.
  212. Microsoft Smallbiz - their resource center for small business; articles, info & more
  213. Microsoft Software Piracy - information on piracy, how it affects you, and how to protect yourself, your business and your ideas.
  214. Microsoft's StateFacts - what is their economic impact on our economy?
  215. Microsoft TechNet - Microsoft's homepage for technical information; well-organized and searchable.
  216. Microsoft TechNet - Year 2000 - access to their resource center
  217. Microsoft Help and Support - lots of help and info! Access their "Knowledge Base" too
  218. Microsoft's TerraServer - claims this to be the "World's" largest online database; satellite view of places on earth
  219. - learn more about their "Windows Server 2003" product.
  220. Microsoft's TweakUI - (also see X-Setup below and TweakALL) fine tune your Windows 95 installation; not supported by Microsoft. Here's how to install "TweakUI" after downloading it. "TweakUI" will be added to your Control Panel in Windows 95/98. Once you've "run" the "w95tweakui.exe" file which self extracts, then right-click on tweakui.inf and choose "Install" from the pop-up menu; go to your "control panel" and you'll see it there!
  221. Microsoft Typography - by Microsoft; downloadable fonts, font utilities, info & more.
  222. Microsoft Visual Studio Developer Training - description, locations and registration
  223. Microsoft's Web Accessories - for Internet Explorer 5.0 users; you'll enjoy these enhancements
  224. Microsoft Windows 95 - in case you don't want Windows 98; Year 2000 Update information page
  225. [Official] Microsoft Windows Diagnostic Tools - includes Microsoft's Windows Memory Diagnostic and their "Windows Memory Diagnostic Users Guide". Also visit "" [ memory test for [includes Intel Pentium] x86 architecture computers], "" [ download their "DocMemory Ram Diagnostic Software" - requires registration/membership]
  226. Microsoft Windows Downloads - a list of add-ons, updates,& info you can download from the Web
  227. Microsoft Windows Hardware and Driver Central (WHDC) - a resource for system and device manufacturers, driver developers, and other professionals who create products that run with the Microsoft® Windows® family of operating systems.
  228. Microsoft Windows Popular Service Pack Downloads - recent releases.
    1. Windows XP Service Pack 1 and "Release Notes for Windows XP Service Pack 1".
    2. Office XP Service Pack 2.
    3. Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1.
  229. Microsoft Windows Troubleshooting Resource [] - covers Windows 95/98/Millennium[ME] and XP versions.
  230. Microsoft Windows Update - for Windows users; or "try this page".
  231. Microsoft Windows Media Showcase - latest channels & channel technology, specialized content .
  232. Microsoft Windows 98 Launch Partners - innovative new products optimized just for Windows 98.
  233. Microsoft Windows ME - this is Microsoft's Web site about their "Millennium Edition" operating system. You need to review these "articles" about potential problems, as well as this "Microsoft Tech Support Papers" on how to deal with ME disk defragmentation problems. Here's "A Brian Livingston article" - on how to deal with ME upgrade. Here's "Brian Web site".
  234. Microsoft Windows 2000 - this is Microsoft's Web site about their "Millennium Edition" operating system. You need to review these "articles" about potential problems, as well as this "Microsoft Tech Support Papers" on how to deal with ME disk defragmentation problems. Here's "A Brian Livingston article" - on how to deal with ME upgrade. Here's "Brian Web site".
  235. Microsoft's [Windows XP] "Fast Boot & Fast Resume" driver utility and information; how to [tweak] Windows XP for faster start-up and shutdown times.
  236. Microsoft Windows XP "Upgrade" Advisor for some assistance with upgrading/migrating your system to Windows XP operating system. Also visit their chart about "Upgrading from Previous Versions of Windows".
  237. Windows XP Annoyances - Take Back Windows XP - ways to remove some really annoying features of the XP operating system. Also use "WindowsXPforums" to help find answers. Also visit "Known XP upgrade issues" and "Doug Knox's Web site [a MVPS]" for more tips on XP upgrades.
  238. Microsoft Windows XP - this is Microsoft's Web site about their latest "XP" operating system and "XP Pro Requirements". Visit also: "XP Home Edition", "XP Pro Technical Resources by Microsoft", "XP ExpertZone", "XP AutoUpdates", "evaluate XP Professional", "Using XP Pro", and "How to Buy XP Pro", "ZDNet XP Review" and "XP Home vs. XP Pro features list".
  239. Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional - Common Stop Messages for Troubleshooting - have you ever experienced the infamous "Blue Screen of Death" in while using XP; this resource gives you some help figuring out "what the codes/messages actually mean".
  240. Windows XP Professional How-to Articles - by Microsoft; wide range of topics are covered.
  241. Microsoft Windows XP Tips and Tricks - by Microsoft's Technet Professor Windows.
  242. Microsoft Windows XP Automatic Updates [you should read this!] - to help the system administrator understand the automatic updating and download technologies in Windows XP; also include to do this as well - "disabling Automatic Updates under Administrative Tools, Services to be sure". Another useful resource to visit is "Windows XP Services Profile Guide".
  243. Microsoft Windows XP Categorized List of Fixes in Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) - as announced on Sept. 11, 2002; 308 articles with links to their knowledgebase.
  244. Microsoft Windows XP Professional Downloads (TweakUI and others) - keep current with the latest fixes, enhancements, and drivers straight from Microsoft.
  245. (Inside the) Windows XP Service Pack 2 Beta - note that the "Internet Connection Firewall" will be renamed Windows Firewall - visit this link to use the Firewall - "Using the Microsoft XP Internet Connection Firewall".
  246. Microsoft's "Sneaky Service Packs" - opinion by Brian Livingston.
  247. Microsoft Windows XP Video Presentation - 4 segments that take approx. 30 minutes. Requires Windows Media Player.
  248. Microsoft Windows Driver and Hardware Development - this is their resource for developers; know and understand what is going on behind the scenes! For example: their resource for "Windows XP Drivers".
  249. Microsoft Windows Newsletters - by Woody's Watch; covers several products
  250. Microsoft Windows 2000 NTFAQ - for help with Windows NT, 2000, SQL Server and more! Also visit "NTBugtraq" and "ExchangeAdmin".
  251. Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs - research for information on Windows hardware compatibility, and for dealing with compatibility issues.
  252. Microsoft Windows - Troubleshooting, Operating System (OS) Maintenance help & Backing-Up System Files
    1. How to stop Windows from randomly searching for the floppy drive - a way to stop this annoying bug in Windows 95 and other Windows versions.
    2. Clearing Your Browser's Cache Memory - covers a wide variety of versions of Internet Explorer for PC & Mac, plus other Web browsers too.
    3. Backing Up [IMPORTANT] Windows System Files - All Version [By Oxford University Computing Services].
    4. You should make sure you know how to backup your Windows Registry and potential recovery - "read this article by Symantec", "MS Article #Q256419 - Win ME, 98 and 98SE", "MS Article #Q322754", and "MS Article #Q183887 - all about Microsoft's Scanreg.exe" and "MS Article #Q307545 - How to Recover from a Corrupted Registry That Prevents Windows XP from Starting" and "MS Article #307654 - HOW TO: Install and Use the Recovery Console in Windows XP" or "(314063)Troubleshooting a Stop 0x0000000A Error in Windows XP" [XP Blue Screen], and "Windows Stop Messages".
    5. Backup your files, always take backups - [from an MVPS] good overview of things to know and do.
    6. HOW TO: Extract Original Compressed Windows Files - for Windows 95, 98, 98SE and Millennium Edition; Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - Q129605.
    7. Missing Windows files - by WebAttack; useful reference page - also access to "Microsoft's DLL Help database".
    8. [JSI, Inc's] Microsoft Windows Registry Hacks - search among lots of "many useful Windows NT / 2000 / XP tips, tricks, registry hacks and more to help troubleshoot" Also visit this page about "Registry Hacks".
    9. Microsoft Troubleshooting Wizards - advanced inference engine technology to help you troubleshoot problems with selected Microsoft products.
    10. "Out of Memory" Error Messages with Large Amounts of RAM Installed - suggestions for how to deal with this for Windows 95, 98, 98 SE (Second Edition), Windows ME (Millennium Edition);[or search the "MS-knowledgebase" for Article ID: Q253912]. Other suggestions: Try a different video driver (or go back to standard VGA) - a source of low system resources can also be a buggy video driver; and, if you are using an "Active Desktop View as Web Page (don't use it this way)" or a progam like Webshots, or MS-Word with lots of fonts - these applications or setups use lots of system resources.
    11. Tuning Windows 9x/ME - an ExtremeTech article that discusses lots of ways to streamline these versions of the Windows OS.
    12. Microsoft Windows Disk Defragmenter Tool keeps restarting - visit this helpful article; [or search the "MS-knowledgebase" for Article ID: Q186978].
    13. Troubleshooting Printing Problems in Windows 95/98/Millennium Edition - lots of good info; [or search the "MS-knowledgebase" for Article ID: Q128345].
    14. Windows 98 Third Party Printer Drivers - links to printer manufacturer Web sites for driver updates.
    15. Error Message: ScanDisk Has Restarted 10 Times Because Windows .... - understand the problem, know the potential cure; close all programs except Explorer and Systray; [or search the "MS-knowledgebase" for Article ID: Q222469].
    16. Prevention is worth more than a pound of cure if you are upgrading to Windows ME - You need to review these "articles" about potential problems, as well as this "Microsoft Tech Support Papers" on how to deal with ME disk defragmentation problems [also see Windows ME above].
    17. No Windows or Network Logon Dialog Box at Startup - info applies to Win 95/98/98SE/ME.
  253. Microsoft Windows Script Downloads - Microsoft® Windows® Script is a comprehensive scripting infrastructure for the Windows platform. Fixes Windows XP error message "internal error 2738".
  254. Microsoft Windows Update Site Support Request - for free but by email only
  255. (Microsoft) WindowsXPUser - another independent guide to using and supporting Windows XP.
  256. Microsoft Works - key page for info on this popular product line; specs, requirements, upgrades, patches, etc...
  257. Microsoft Year 2000 Tools - download Year 2000 Scan & Fix under "Data"
  258. ModemHelp - to help you find answers to your modem questions
  259. - easy-to-use source for modems information
  260. Motherboard Homeworld - manufacturers, chip info, reviews + more
  261. Mozilla - an OpenSource Web browser project that is free to download; use it instead of the Netscape Web browser [or any Web browser] - it is more flexible, faster and easier to download (smaller); includes some nice features such as "tabbed Web pages", advanced bookmarking, email filters, pop-up ad blockers and more.
  262. MS-DOS 7.0 from Windows-95 - learn how to have DOS 7.0, Win 3.1, and Win-95
  263. - well-organized technical resource dedicated to help Microsoft FrontPage users.
  264. MSN Computing Central - their main nentry page
  265. MyDesktop Network - a technology related resource and at your fingertips; and their "VirtualDr"
  266. MyFonts - for help with looking for fonts; includes list of other resources. See also "FontEmpire"
  267. MyHelpDesk - a virtual help center for computer users
  268. MySQL - multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server; free to minimal license fees
  269. Napster - an application that takes the hassle out of searching for MP3s
  270. NetDictionary - reference to technical, cultural, humorous terms related to the Internet
  271. Netigen Web - well organized tech issues & news resource
  272. NetMechanic - lots of useful Web builder testing utilities
  273. Netscape Browser Plug-ins - this page lists currently shipping versions; download area
  274. [Free] Network Probe and Protocol Analyzer - by ObjectPlanet, Inc.; a network traffic summarization program.
  275. Newbie-U - New User Univ.; learn how to use the Web, ftp, e-mail + more
  276. New Media News - is an internationally syndicated TV show on technology
  277. NoWonder - 24-hour technical support
  278. NSI-Registry - domain server, host server look-ups; very useful information to have access to.
  279. NTBugtraq - a resource for help with fixing NT related problems
  280. NTHelp - a list of useful Windows NT tips.
  281. O'Reilly - computer books, software & online publishing resource
  282. Obsolete Computer Museum - is your computer on the list? Or re-visit your past!
  283. Omnitree - comprehensive hardware database + more
  284. (aka as "OO") - alternative to Microsoft Office Suite that is available for a variety of computer systems (Mac, Linux, Unix, Windows?); also visit this "eWeek review - Serious Suite Alternative" and eWeeks' article: "Office 2003 vs. OpenOffice.Org" [4/26/2004] for more info. Also visit and "" - for other MS OFFICE suite alternative.
  285. Operating System User - by Ziff-Davis; news & info on a variety of operating systems.
  286. OS/2 Ezine - searchable OS/2 resource.
  287. OS/2 Focus - by the Mining Co.; useful reference for this operating system.
  288. Paco's Device Drivers - search for device driver's that you may need.
  289. PCHelp Online - locate a specific company or info to cure your PC woes
  290. - you should know about his "Network Tracer" program.
  291. - useful tech support resource; visit their "Top Ten" discussions listing (it is always more then 10).
  292. PCHelpLive - resource created site certified technicians who have worked for or are currently employed by Fortune 100 computer companies in the field of technical support; check-out their "forums".
  293. PC Webopaedia - information about personal computers
  294. Persistant Client State HTTP Cookies - by Netscape; and another article on "Cookies" by Buy It On The Web.
  295. Pivar Computing Services, Inc. - media conversion services
  296. Planet IT - searchable resource for IT professionals; articles, news + more
  297. Port Scanners - Web sites that probe and test your computer security - ["Shields Up Port Scanner"] - ["ComputerCops Scanner"] - ["PC Pitstop"].
  298. PowerPipe - register or transfer domain names for only $7.99 per year.
  299. - "how-to" information for setting up Internet sharing and home/business networking. Also visit these helpful resources: "World of Windows Networking", "", Troubleshooting Reference", "Wireless Security", "", "CableModemInfo", "CableModemHelp", "FireWallGuide", "", and "WinProxy" (software). Useful articles on "Windows XP [dial-up] with multiple users", "Teaching Windows XP to Share - Part I" and "Part II" as well as Microsoft's resource to "Set up and Use Internet Connection Sharing [for XP]". I'd also visit the "DSL Research Resources" listed above. Internet Access Sharing software products to check-out: "WinGate", "WinProxy", and "ComTun" by .
  300. Privacy Protection - lots of resources listed here to help protect your privacy online. There are a wide variety of software downloads [aka "popup killer" or "pop up killer" programs] or services (some are free and some are for a cost) that can help eliminate those annoying "pop-up" browser screens, Internet activity, cookie managers, advertising filters, Spyware* (checkout "OptOut") or Here is a fairly extensive list: Spybot SD [Search and Destroy] (I use this and it is quite effective), "AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser" [works with MS Internet Explorer 4.0+], "WebWasher" [Epinions Review], *"Ad-aware", OnTrack's "Internet Cleanup Software", "InternetWatcher", "AdShield", "NoAds [from SouthBayPC]", "AdsOff" [Epinions Review], "Popup Ad Filter", "Adextinguisher", "AdsGone", "StopZilla", Panicware's "Pop-Up Stopper", "POW!" by Analog-X, Webroot's "Window Washerand MacWasher Programs", and "The Proxomitron". Here's a "test page with pop-up browser windows to check if any of these work"! Other Web resources to know include: "Privacy Foundation", "Junkbusters", "SafeWeb", "SpyChecker", "", "IDzap", "Internet Fraud Council", "Internet Scambusters", "ZeroKnowledge", "National Fraud Information Center", "WinWhatWhere Investigator", "Health Privacy", "Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)", "MerchantFraudSquad", "Medical Information Bureau", "TRUSTe", "BBBOnline", "EPIC", "Mail Abuse Prevention System", "NCC", "Privacy.Net" and their "Privacy Analysis", "SpamRecycle", "Privacy Choices for personal financial information - by the Federal Reserve Board", "", "ComplaintCenter", "", and the "Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC)". I'd also visit the "DSLR
  301. [130+] Product Buying Guides, Desktop PC Buying Tips, and PC Notebook Buying Tips - by PC Magazine.
  302. Quickbrowse - gathers and loads Web pages successively to view
  303. Quick View Plus by Jasc Software; easiest way to find, access, view, copy, and print virtually any document - even if you don't have the originating application
  304. RamBooster - the developer's main Web site; search on "ram boost" at Memory management program for Windows. Another Freeware/Shareware program to try is called "CyberLat RAM Cleaner", "MemTurbo", or "RamFix". Special note about "RamBooster"; I have used this with good success on Windows 95/98 systems; it is worth a try!
  305. ReadyHosting - a very resonably priced Web site hosting service with lots of features.
  306. RegCleaner - get rid of obsolete [system registry of Windows Operating System) registry entries created by software that you have already removed from your system; or download Microsoft's "RegClean" utility.
  307. Register - free domain name registration service
  308. ReserveMe - free domain name registration service
  309. Search Engine Positioning - for better placement in search engines
  310. Search Engine Watch - if you really want to know about search engines
  311. Search the Internet article - by PC Magazine and "Share The Knowledge" too!
  312. See You Again Shortcut - put a link to your Web site on everyone's desktop
  313. Snapshot Spy - securely & discreetly monitor all computer activity.
  314. SharePaper - information resource for shareware, games, cheat codes, etc....
  315. Shields Up test; and visit "Zone Labs" for ZoneAlarm
  316. SmartComputing - formerly PC Novice; good place for beginners to check out
  317. SoftByte Labs - wide variety of useful utilities; Black Widow, clonemaster, + more
  318. SoftSeek - source for shareware, freeware, & evaluation software
  319. ***SPAM - dealing with it!***SpamCon foundation - trying to reduce the amount of unsolicited email; also visit "Spamhaus Project", "", "Spam Abuse", "Scambusters", "SpamLaws", "SpamRecycle", "JunkBusters" (includes junk mail & telemarketers). And here's the "other point of view" about Spamming - "Spammers.Net", "" [a spam reporting service], and "SpamKiller".
  320. SpammerSlammer - free program or try "MailWasher" or "POP Peeper" [check and manage your e-mails before you download them] for no more spam.
  321. SpeedGuide - for system performance incl. Internet connection; also "check here", and some "Vicomsoft reference info". Here is "another speed tip to try".
  322. SoftwareUser - searchable & well organized software info resource
  323. Spybot SD [Search and Destroy] - I have had good luck with this program helping to eliminate pop-ups and getting rid of lots of Spyware-type programs on my system(s).
  324. SpyChecker - Not sure if the free software you are about to download is in fact a so called Spyware, or adware or otherwise advertising enhanced product that installs additional third party components on your system? Do a search and know!
  325. StarOffice - StarOffice software for Windows, OS/2, Linux, Solaris; download it for Free. It is an OpenSource Project.
  326. Stay Safe Online (.info) - the information needed to secure your home or small business computer. You'll find tips on how to safeguard your system, a self-guided cyber security test, educational materials, and more. Also visit "", "CyberCitizen", "CyberSmart", and "NetSmartz".
  327. Supernews - search the Usenet/Newsgroups
  328. SurfSecret - for surfing with privacy.
  329. Symbols - world's largest online encyclopedia of graphic symbols
  330. [The] TabletPC - some insight into Microsoft's Tablet PC computer system. A recent review article (4/8/03) from PC Magazine: "Tablet PCs: Ready for Prime Time".
  331. TabSurf - and "KatieSoft"; 2 interesting new ways to browse the Web!
  332. TechnologyNet - business-to-business eMarketspace for the global IT industry
  333. TechSightings - daily reviews of top high tech sites
  334. - collection of links to technical support resources on the Web
  335. TechSupportForums - resource that has forums on a wide variety of Operating Systems.
  336. TechTarget - goal is to save IT professionals the time and frustration in their search for targeted information specific to their industry focus like "Search Wireless" as one example.
  337. TechTools - by CMP; searchable; tips, tech issues, shareware
  338. TechWeb Technology Encyclopedia - searchable; 10,000+ definitions to technology terms
  339. Tek-Tips - useful tech support resource; make sure you check-out their "forums".
  340. ThePartsFinder - for locating computer parts
  341. The Pixel Company - about MySpace; a new graphic user interface technology
  342. - computer industry news, forums, buyer's guides and more.
  343. and also "RealVNC" [RealVNC is the official home of VNC] - a [Free; requires download] solution that allows you to take control of other systems' desktops (via phone or over the Internet). Also visit AT&T's original "Virtual Network Computing". "Access-Remote-PC" and "GoToMyPC" are a paid services/products that also do this too! Windows "Terminal Server for NT 4.0", Windows "Terminal Services for 2000 & XP Pro" can be set-up for this; or use "pcAnywhere (Symantec)", "Carbon Copy (Altiris)" or "Remote Control (Funk Software)". A more high-end solution is "Citrix" and "Citrix MetaFrame for Windows".
  344. TipWorld - free computer tips, news + gossip; get e-mail news
  345. Tom's Hardware Guide - well organzied resource that includes performance reviews, tips & more
  346. Tomsterdam - considered an Outlook Express "MegaSite", this resource has how-to's and other useful information for using this popular email program. The "eMailMan" resource might also be useful to know; if you use just "Outlook - then try this MS link".
  347. TopDog - search engine submission to 150+ search engines plus analysis.
  348. TweakAll - program that allows you to take control over your Windows 95/98 operating system; see also "X-Setup".
  349. - a resource that is dedicated to improving and customizing Microsoft® Windows® XP; also try "Tweak-XP".
  350. - an independent technology and hardware review site in Austrailia. Access their "forums".
  351. USB Support for Windows: Here are a variety of links to help you get USB working on your Windows system: "USB-Drivers" and their "Microsoft listing of USB Driver patch downloads", "USBMan" and their "info on Windows 95 USB support", "EverythingUSB" and their "list of Windows 95 compatible USB products", "USBNews" and "". Also the discussions at "Experts-Exchange", "" and "ComputingREVIEW" and "Groups at Google" may be useful too.
  352. UW-Madison HelpDesk - access to useful help suggestions and articles by UW-Madison; covers, Windows OS, Mac OS + more.
  353. V.90 - resource that is for the new modem standard; beyond 56K
  354. Visit the " Virus Info Center" for access to lots more Virus Specific Resources and Free software & Services
  355. Virus Bulletin - info & resource related to computer viruses; their "useful links" page
  356. VirtualDr - technical support resource, forums, drivers + more
  357. Virus Encyclopedia - thousands of descriptions of computer viruses
  358. Virus Myths - read about myths, hoaxes, trojan horses and more
  359. Virus WildList Index - a list of those viruses currently in the wild
  360. - [VisualZone] intrusion analyzer for ZoneAlarm users; gathers and displays information about attacks on ZoneAlarm and ZoneAlarm Pro (firewall) protected systems.
  361. VRCharts - interactive 3-D data visualization software tool
  362. Voice Recognition Consultants - resource by 21st Century Eloquence
  363. "X-Setup" by Xteq Systems; more advance than TweakUI and TweakAll (above) plus works on all Windows platforms (and it's free)!
  364. WebPosition - software to analyze, track, and help improve all your Internet search positions for your URL
  365. Web Site Garage - full range of services; URL registration, browser compatibility, E-mail list manager and more!
    Tune Up Your Web Site Free:

  366. WebSitez - search for any Web address; organzied
  367. WebZip - Web utility programs (also BigPage + WebGal) that you may find useful
  368. - customize XP and 2000 systems. Also visit "TweakXP" - dedicated to improving and customizing Microsoft® Windows® XP; "TopThemes" - a wide variety of ways to customize your Windows system; and "Free-Backgrounds".
  369. WinFiles - useful resource + check out their "Dial-up Networking Tools"
  370. Windows 98 Megasite - resource by CMP and Windows magazine.
  371. WindowsITLibrary - free book content about a variety of Windows operating system versions.
  372. (Windows) NT Compatible - tech support resource for Windows NT Compatibility issues and resolution assistance; includes news and "forums".
  373. - covers how to install, upgrade , reinstall , repair , troubleshoot and fix Microsoft Windows (lots of versions covered!).
  374. Windows Startup - check list of what is and is not reguired to be in your Windows startup [at a minimum keep - systray, scanregw, and statemgr (system restore for ME/XP versions)]; another item to deal with is: if the system has Internet Explorer version 5 or later - Mdm.exe can still be configured to start at the startup of Window 95\98 or Windows ME, if the script debugging feature in Internet Explorer is turned on. You can turn off this feature within Internet Explorer. 1) On the Tools menu, click Internet Options. 2) On the Advanced tab under Setting, make sure that Disable script debugging is selected. Also visit the main page at "Resource Management". If you use Windows 2000 then you'll need this link to help you get "msconfig".
  375. - covers "shareware", drivers, tips & more
  376. (*)WinImage - [make copies of your old programs that are on floppy disks to a CD] a disk-imaging suite for easy creation, reading and editing of many image formats and fileystems [click here for a full description is of "WinImage"].
  377. WinPlanet - tech support resource for Windows
  378. WinScheduler - software download; utility program to automate repeatitive tasks for Windows users.
  379. WinSuperSite - by Paul Thurrott; dedicated to providing information you need to evaluate Microsoft's Windows operating system technologies.
  380. Wireless LAN manufacturers -> 3Com, Cisco's Aironet, BreezeCom, Cabletron, Intel, Proxim, Symbol, Telxon, and WebGear.
  381. - Windows Users Group Network; another resource Windows shareware, tips, technical support, industry News and more. Also utilize these other useful resources - "BinkWindowsXP" and their "WindowsXP Forum"; "" - a searchable Windows XP resource; "TheOSfiles", and "" - resource that provides advanced utilities, technical information, and source code related to Windows 9x, Windows Me, Windows XP and Windows NT/2000 internals .
  382. XDSL - analysis of xDSL technology & services
  383. ZDNet - lots going on here; you won't bet bored!
  384. ZDNet -eBusiness Best Practices - the 10 best and worst online stores
  385. ZDNet Community Central - and visit their "ZDNet Forums" - where you can learn something, have some fun, and keep up on the latest news
  386. ZDTips - a free service that delivers computer related tips right to your e-mail box
  387. ZDHelp Channel - their online computer help resource
  388. ZD Journals - useful articles on computer & internet use
  389. ZoneAlarm [also check-out the link above at "Gibson Research Corp." and the " Virus Resource Center" for Firewalls ] - is a dynamic firewall for Internet use; also visit " [VisualZone - intrusion analyzer for ZoneAlarm users]", "FireWallGuide", "Sygate Technologies + [Sygate's Free Firewall]", "DShield", "Network ICE Corp.", "[Free] Network Probe and Protocol Analyzer", "Shields UP!" test, "WebAttacks's security", "WatchGuard", ICSA and their "Security Snapshot", "Snapshot Spy" and "Using the Microsoft XP Internet Connection Firewall".

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