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eBook Edit   

WEBHITZ® Parental Control & Child Safety on the Internet This column briefly describes each Web resource listed on your left.
Awesome Library - and their listing of "Acceptable Use Policies" [older documents].
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute - lots to review [protect their heads too!].
C/Net.comperform a search on "parental control".
Child CyberSERACH - search the missing child database.
Child Health and Safety - resource with news, info, links, catalog.
Child Quest International - help to find missing children; fugitive watch + more.
Child Safety on the Information Highway - By Lawrence J. Magid; also "MissingKids.com".
CommercialAlert.org - a resource to protect children and communities from commercialism.
ContentAudit - is a program that just reads text in files looking for potentially objectionable material.
CyberAngel - computer sentry software; detects unauthorized access to your computer.
CyberAngels - Internet safety organization; mission is to function as a "virtual 411" safety destination, and to address the concerns of parents, the needs of children, on-line abuse and cyber crime, while supporting the right of free speech.
CyberCopGuide - Cybercop's guide to Internet Child Pornography is a very useful & free 200-page+ "eBook" to download (you can donate $$); requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Cyber Patrol - Internet safety software lets you take control of your Internet access even when you can't be there.
Cyberporn Debate - at Project 2000 web site of Vanderbilt Univ.
CyberTipline - handles leads from individuals reporting the sexual exploitation of children.
CYBERsitter - by Solid Oak Software; 5-time winner of PC Mag. Editors Choice.
DrugFree.org Resource - drug abuse and substance abuse info; partnership for a drug free America.
Entertainment Software Rating Board - the ESRB rating system helps parents and other consumers choose the games that are right for their families.
eWatch services - comprehensive Internet monitoring service.
GetNetWise.org - Learn about the risks kids face online, Search or browse for Internet safety products, browse Web sites families can visit together, learn how to identify online trouble & get law enforcement contact info.
InSafe [SaferInternet.org] - Europe's Internet Safety Information resource.
Internet Accountability: Covenant Eyes - logging of Web browsing & Internet use; fee-based service.
Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA) - is an independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to protect children from potentially harmful material. Visit their "FAQ".
Internet Filter for the [Apple] Macintosh - "filtering software"; download; also "Library Version".
Internet Filters Safe Sites - access to resources and info.
Internet Today - resource cover social issues, legal issues & security.
Intracept - X-Ray Vision - allows you to "see through" Web page download technology.
KeyEye - designed to teach personal safety to children.
KidShield - tools and information to create a SafetyNet for your children online.
Library Safe - by netFilter Technologies; inexpensive solution to Internet content filtering.
Missing Children Database - by the National Center (see below).
N2H2, Inc. - Bess School Filters, business filters; offered by Internet Service Providers.
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children - official website [MissingKids.org].
National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education (NCPIE) - to advocate the involvement of parents and families in their children's education, and to foster relationships between home, school, and community to enhance the education of all our nation's young people.
Netmop - an Internet filtering service.
Net Nanny - allows you to monitor, screen and block access.
Netparents.org - blocking software info, net rating systems, kid-safe sites + more.
Net Shepherd - rating and filtering web sites.
NetSmartz.org - is an interactive, educational safety resource that teaches kids and teens how to stay safer on the Internet.
No-Porn.com - breaking pornography addiction; if you need to help someone.
ObscenityCrimes.org - a resource for educating the public and for reporting possible violations of Internet obscenity laws.
Parental Control Software Reviews - comparison of features; also visit "Awesome Library Parental Control" & "KidShield Reviews".
Parent's Bill of Rights - an article on "Alternet.org".
Parent's Guide to Supervising a Child's Online and Internet Experience (FAQ) - older online document but still useful to review.
Peacefire - covers news and info on Internet censorship.
Pediatric Internet Resources - a list of useful Internet Resources about Pediatrics. Resources can be Web sites, Usenet groups, mailing lists, or chat channels.
PEDINFO: Parental Control of Internet Access.
PICS: Platform for Internet Content - PICS platform is one on which other rating services and filtering software have been built.
Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS) - press release; 9/95.
RSAC: Recreational Software Advisory Council - no longer exists; "folded into" a new organization, the Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA).
Safe Child Program - Protect children, from bullying; sexual, emotional and physical abuse by people known to the child; abuse and abduction by strangers; and risks associated with self-care.
Safe Kids campaign - promoting child safety; sponsored by Johnson & Johnson.
SafeSurf - Internet Rating System; Internet filtering solution.
SafeSurf Newsletter - "How to Stop the Porn Predators".
Safe Within - safety news; covers auto, "child", home, pet safety + more.
SaferInternet (Europe) - portal-type resource sponsored by the European Commission to promote a Safer Internet.
SaferInternet Newsletter - keep informed about European activities to promote a Safer Internet.
SmartFilter - Internet screening + filtering software by Secure Computing.
WebSENSE - Internet screening system; policing Internet access.
Wisc. Dept. of Justice - the Division of Criminal Investigation including "Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) unit.
X-Stop - Internet filtering server, module & software solutions.

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