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Peter Greene's Top 10+ as announced on Monday, 12/1/2003

This list is for providing you with easy access to these "useful" Web pages. Please visit my NEW "Tips and Favorite Applications" Page, WEBHITZ® for access to our Web menus! Use of the products and services offered on any of these Web pages is at your own risk! E-Mail me and give me your feedback at web1@infostar.com. Due to the volume of email I get I cannot possibly reply to every message!

  1. Answerbag.com - is a universal, user-generated collection of frequently-asked questions; it is built and moderated by the users (you).
  2. FreeCycle.org - The Worldwide Freecycle Network is open to all cities and to all individuals who want to "recycle" that special something rather than throw it away [about 12,000 people are signed up for Freecycle email lists around the world].
  3. AquaNIC.org [Aquaculture Network Information Center (ANIC)] is a resource with access to 1,000's of online aquaculture-related resources. Also visit: AgNIC.org, National Sea Grant, Aquaculture Sites [by USDA - US Dept. of Agriculture].
  4. VRBO.com - searchable resource with 19,000+ vacation rentals worldwide [I've had fun finding neat vacation homes using all of these resources. Also visit "VacationHomes.com", "FindVacationRentals.com "[ FindVacationRentals.com is an online source for vacation rentals. vacation homes, condo rentals, cabin rentals, beach rentals, and more. Owners can advertise their property immediately] , "Rentalo.com" , "RentMyCondo.com", "VRR.com", and "Villa-Vacation.com", "Rent101.com", and a special one just for "the-Bahamas".
  5. TimeAndDate.com - world clock, search for city/country time, useful calendar features including a "Calendar Generator".
  6. TurboNote.com - sticky note software that you may find very useful; "download a trail version by clicking on this link". Also check out "MyCorkBoard".
  7. EarthScope.org - a new 5-year National Science Foundation [NSF] program initiative designed to investigate the geological forces that shape the North American continent.
  8. WiFi-HotSpotList.com - a searchable database of publicly accessible "hot spots" for Wi-Fi wireless Internet access; valuable for people that travel and need Internet access with their laptop/portable.
  9. AmericanJourneys.org - 18,000+ pages of eyewitness accounts of North American exploration.
  10. TechnoSpud.com - help train you & your fellow teachers to find ways to easily include technology into your daily lesson plans. Also visit - "Teachers.net", "EduPuppy.com", "edbydesign.com", "KindNews.org", "StarFall.com", and "vocabulary.co.il" [neat Web site with online games].
  11. AmericanChoices.org - learn about and understandforeign policy debates including commentaries from a broad range of ideological perspectives.
  12. WebFromage.com - get a daily overview of modern civilization; by "AndyCo.com".
  13. Meetup.com - a resource that helps organize local interest groups. Also visit "Conversationcafe.org"
  14. WebPetitions.com - create your own online petition and sign other petitions.
  15. TeamSpeak.org - is a [free; for non-commercial users] application which allows its users to talk to each other over the internet and basically was designed to run in the background of online games TeamSpeak is a cross-platform voice communication tool. This means that client and server are available for Windows as well as for Linux. It doesn't matter which operating system you use any longer, you can talk "across the border".
  16. NationalEdTechPlan.org [An initiative of the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Technology] - provides an opportunity to reflect on the progress we have made, identify the areas that need to be further addressed, and consider what transformed learning may look like.
  17. JimRogers.com - all about the Millennium Adventure that Jim and his wife Paige took around the world in a special vehicle for 245,000 kilometers passing through 116 countries.
  18. Online-Tutorial.com - Ccvering subjects like --> choosing an ISP, getting connected, searching effectively, email, chat online & more.
  19. InternetNetworkTraining.com - CCNA Test Questions help you study and revise for your Cisco CCNA networking exam.
  20. SmallBusinessComputing.com - an online guide to technology that is geared towards small-business use.
  21. WIHealthPlans.com - compare over 83 plans exclusively for Wisconsin.
  22. TakeThePressureOff.com - a resource to help you to try and control high blood pressure.
  23. [ScreenSwift Software] - a downloadable application that converts Flash movies into screensavers.
  24. *** Below is from last month's choices ****

  25. (*)2 new books on Google - "Google Hacks" and the new "Google Pocket Guide". Also visit Peter's new "Book Page".
  26. RedRibbon.org - [National Family Partnership] Oct. 23rd through Oct. 31 is National Red Ribbon Week. Striving for a drug-free country; National Family Partnership is a true voice for parents and families on drug and alcohol prevention issues. Check out "ConnectionsCounseling.com" in Madison, WI that has 2 award winners.
  27. OfficialCitySites.org - information by country, state and city. Worth checking out! Make sure you visit their access to 2,400 daily and weekly newspapers called "HomeTownNews".
  28. MovieTarget.com - the resource for official movie Web sites plus links to movie studio Web sites [scroll-down the page to the bottom]. Also visit RottenTomatoes.com - get movie reviews and previews.
  29. hockeydb.com - considered one of the largest online repositories of hockey data!
  30. AHDictionary [American Heritage® Dictionaries] - check out their short dictionary called "100 words every high school graduate should know".
  31. CodeAmber.org - this is the Web's Amber Alert System. See also the "National Center for Missing & Exploited Children". You may also find this "DayCareProviders" Web page useful.
  32. ClassicalWebCast.com - they are attempting to collect all live-broadcasting classical radio stations on the Web [includes U.S., Europe and more]; enjoy!
  33. ip-links.de - Intellectual Property Links from around the world.
  34. StepIntoHistory.com - access to 550+ places in the United States where you can see life as it once was.
  35. SavingForCollege.com - an online guide to help with and planning to save for college.
  36. ThemeXP.org - have fun changing your Windows XP desktop theme. Also visit "BootXP.net" for other ways to customize your Windows XP (Operating System) appearance.
  37. CrimeLibrary.com - [by Court TV] searchable resource about crime stories on serial killers, organized crime, spies and more.
  38. SitePal.com - SitePal creates animated characters that can "live" on your Web pages; check out the demo; looks interesting if not entertaining.
  39. SecurityPipeline.com - [an online publication segment of "TechWeb"]; covers computer security related news & topics.
  40. PaycheckCity.com - an online resource that has many calculators to help you manage your paycheck.
  41. AlertSite.com - a Web site monitoring service that performs a thorough test of your Web site, server, or application as often as every minute.
  42. SmithsonianEducation.org - this is the education resource part of the Smithsonian Web site (for educators, students & families).
  43. Bag-ez.com - an online database for manufacturers of bags and related items>
  44. FoodServiceDirect.com - access to restaurant supplies, equipment and more.
  45. NationalBook.org - [National Book Awards] recognizes books of exceptional merit written by Americans; Web site has a listing of all of the award winners.
  46. Virtual-U.org - goal is to foster better understanding of management practices in American colleges and universities.
  47. ActualTests.com - provides exam questions and answers for the hottest certification exams (like for Microsoft [MCSE], Cisco, etc ...); also visit "ExamSheets", "MCSEBraindumps" and "Cert21".
  48. JSIFaq.com - tips and tricks for Windows NT®, Windows 2000®, Windows XP®, Windows Server 2003® .
  49. Google.es - Google search engine in Spanish! Also check out their "Global Preferences Page" and Google News in Spanish!
  50. Microsoft Security & Privacy - [their] 3 steps to help ensure that your PC is protected.
  51. DrWeil.com - a provider of online information [past 5 years] and products for optimum health and wellness. Also visit their resource aclled "askdrweil.com".
  52. Internet-Magazine.com - the UK's publication for Internet users covering the latest Internet news, reviews, expert advice & more.
  53. CGIScript.net - Perl and CGI scripts for sale to help you improve and perhaps automate your Web site.
  54. HtmlGear.com - enhancements for improving your Web site.
  55. ConsumerLabs.com - independent testing of health and nutrition products; includes recalls & warnings, a "Natural Products Encyclopedia", and more.
  56. PRBop.com - "weird and wonderful" news off the newswire.
  57. Green Eggs Report - The Green Eggs Report is a list of URL's spotted within the alt newsgroup.
  58. ComputerBytesMan.com - checkout this site which gives access to links on Internet searching, security, privacy, and more.
  59. Windows Memory Diagnostic - download their software that tests the Random Access Memory (RAM) on your computer for errors.
  60. Microsoft Download Center - well organized by category; also lists their most popular downloads.
  61. "Backup To CD-RW and Backup Made Simple" online article by Willow Creek Software. Other software solutions include: Roxio CD-Creator and Handy Backup software.
  62. DriverFiles.net - well organized resource to help you with drivers for your computer.
  63. Basic Internet Dictionary of terms for Internet Newbies - and also visit NetDictionary.
  64. Check out this Web list of links for acronyms and glossaries for military, space and related fields.
  65. Check out your Linux Operating System options at: "Linux.org", "LinuxJournal.com" and "Linux.com".
  66. vnunet.com - UK technology news, reviews and downloads.
  67. TextMapping.org [Project] - a resource for teachers to help improve reading comprehension skills instruction.
  68. eSafe.com - offers a "content security solution" against malicious email, viruses and worms.
  69. GiantCompany.com - makers of Spam Inspector; download a "15-day free trial here".

Extras to check-out:

Extra Link 1:GoDaddy - offers domain name registration and transfers for $8.95 per year or also try 000Domains - register or transfer a domain for $13.50 per year; also 123Domains - for as little as $13.99 per year for domain name registration. I've used all three and they work just fine!
Extra Link 2:ReadyHosting - a Web hosting service worth a serious look.
Extra Link 3:Pagoo Service - I use it to get my voice mail while I'm online! It really works great! "CallWave" is free but really doesn't compare. New is "BuzMe"
Extra Link 4:National Center for Missing and Exploited Children - and their "Alert" page with pictures.
Extra Link 5:THINKQUEST Information! (My neighbor's won 2x! Now he's a sophmore at Harvard!): - ThinkQuest and "ThinkQuest Junior" - "an annual contest that challenges students, ages 10 to 19, to use the Internet as a collaborative, interactive teaching and learning tool". Get the contest details here. Get your kids involved!
Extra Link 6: FreeDSL - free high-speed Internet access; if you sign up please use my email address for being referred - "pgreene@infostar.com" - Thanks!
Extra Link 7: FreeWebspace - interested in a Web site for no money? Check out this searchable index of 443 free Web space providers.

selectedPeter's schedule for appearing as a guest on Larry Meiller's show can seen by clicking here.

You can listen to Peter on WPR (Wisconsin Public Radio) - 970AM WHA Radio in Madison, WI monthly! It is broadcast live over the WPR radio network from the 7th floor of Vilas Hall, and is "Web casted" live via Real Audio - you'll need the "Real Audio player". The show is 90 minutes in length and covers the latest in PC computer technology , the Internet and the World Wide Web; show is a question & answer format. I have supported Wisconsin Public Radio for nearly 18 years with a monthly radio show on computer technology. The show is produced by Jim Packard and hosted by Larry Meiller.


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