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Peter Greene's Top 10 Web sites

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Peter Greene's Top 10 as announced on Mon., 1/07/2002

This list is for providing you with easy access to these "useful" Web pages. Use of the products and services offered on any of these Web pages is at your own risk! E-Mail me and give me your feedback at comments@infostar.com. Due to the volume of email I get I cannot possibly reply to every message!

  1. RobotsLife.com - a resource to help keep you up-to-date on the world of robots and related technologies.
  2. GreenerCars.com - access to the environmental guide to cars & trucks. Also check out "FuelEconomy.gov"..
  3. Browse3D.com - provides new software products for graphically searching and viewing the Web. The Browse3D Browser provides an efficient new way to quickly find, organize, save and share web-based content in 3D rooms. You'll need a Windows PC with "DirectX" installed. Make sure you check out their system requirements.
  4. Archive.org - The Internet Archive is attempting to build a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. They have (with Alexa's help) created the "Wayback Machine". Their Wayback Machine is trying to make it possible to surf pages stored in the Internet Archive's Web archive.
  5. Banx.com - by BanxQuote; if you like financial and market numbers then you'll have fun with these Web resources. Lots of tables to represent what is going on out there! Also visit their "Money Rates page". Others to check out include "BankRate", "Interest.com", and "Mortgage-X".
  6. WinCustomize.com - customize XP and 2000 systems. Also visit "TweakXP" - dedicated to improving and customizing Microsoft® Windows® XP; "TopThemes" - a wide variety of ways to customize your Windows system; and "Free-Backgrounds".
  7. WUGNET.com - Windows Users Group Network; another resource Windows shareware, tips, technical support, industry News and more. Also utilize these other useful resources - "BinkWindowsXP" and their "WindowsXP Forum"; "WinXPfind.com" - a searchable Windows XP resource; "TheOSfiles", and "Sysinternals.com" - resource that provides advanced utilities, technical information, and source code related to Windows 9x, Windows Me, Windows XP and Windows NT/2000 internals .
  8. Tyzo.com - listing the latest travel specials and a global travel directory that covers 130 countries; access dial codes, electricity requirements, health & safety info, travel bureas, holiday info, metric system info and more. The "Official Meeting Facilities Guide" might also be a useful travelers resource of worldwide meeting facilities.
  9. HotScripts.com search among 12,000+ script and programming related resources in 1,000+ categories. See also "Javascriptcity", "Javascripts", JavaScript Weenie", "JavaScript World", "JavaScript Kit"; "Java-Scripts.net"; check out "GraphxKingdom.com" for free clipart and icons.
  10. Turbo10.com - another useful Meta search engine worth checking out. Other search engines to try are "WiseNut.com", "Teoma.com", and "iLOR.com".
  11. KaZaA - another Internet file sharing program for access to "shared" video and music files.
  12. MyRoad.com - college and career planning Web resource.
  13. TightVNC.com - a "peer-to-peer" networking program that allows you to take control of other systems' desktops. "GoToMyPC" is a paid service that does this. Windows Terminal Server in their Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 can be set-up for this or use PCAnywhere or Carbon Copy.
  14. eCommerceAlmanac.com - directory about businesses that are online.
  15. Microsoft's FTP site - access to nearly 3000 updated listings on drivers, app notes, patches, etc... Here's the "index.txt" and one of their "readme" files.
  16. Microsoft Internet Explorer Products Download - access their main page for file/program updates
  17. Spammobile.com - the real "SPAM" mobile! Remember SPAM is a registered trademark of Hormel Foods, LLC.
  18. *****Check out and install "Google's New Toolbar" to enhance your Web & Internet usage.
  19. *** Below is from last month's choices ****
  20. MemoWare - 1,000's of mostly FREE documents (including databases, literature, maps, technical references, lists, etc.) specially formatted to be easily added to your handheld device (PalmOS device, Psion PDA, TI Avigo, or WinCE).
  21. Email911 - a resource to help you manage email overload. They state "IDC has forecast that an average of over 36 billion person-to-person emails will be sent daily by 2005. The average business user spends an average of over two hours a day just dealing with email".
  22. Moviefone - movie & entertainment news resource; also use to buy movie tickets. Also visit these to buy tickets online - "Fandango" and "MovieTickets".
  23. Simtel.net or Simtel.com - searchable; a worldwide distribution network for Shareware, Freeware, and Public Domain software.
  24. BrainPOP - great animated educational resource; movies on health, dinosaurs, and much, much more. Also visit "KidsPsych" (for ages 1 to 9), "MythWeb" (Greek Mythology), "MGBnet" and their "What's It Like Where You Live?".
  25. VirtualDr - a support resource to help you learn and troubleshoot a wide variety of computer related topics.
  26. MatWeb - searchable; access a materials information database with data on 24,704+ materials including metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites.
  27. 3DSpotlight - searchable; well organized PC Hardware and gaming resource; includes online discussions, product reviews & more. See also "TheUseful".
  28. SpamCon foundation - trying to reduce the amount of unsolicited email; also visit "Spamhaus Project", "CAUCE.org", "Spam Abuse", "Scambusters", "SpamLaws", "SpamRecycle", "JunkBusters" (includes junk mail & telemarketers). And here's the "other point of view" about Spamming - "Spammers.Net".
  29. EngineeringSights.org - a guide to the engineering projects around the U.S..
  30. ActiveState - a resource for programmers that covers Perl, PHP, Python & more.
  31. List-Lingo - useful resource that covers email list terminology to help you utilize it better.
  32. DriverForum - device driver forum; access to a wide variety of discussions on computer devices and their required software drivers.
  33. ITpapers - searchable; access to 24,000+ information technology research [white] papers; also visit "techguide".
  34. SkillsTutor - an online instruction & test preparation resource for K-12 educators.
  35. Netmon - service to monitor if your Web service (Web site) is up and working; they have a free version and for fee service options.
  36. ***BrianLivingston.com - popular Windows operating system author and columnist for InfoWorld. Lots of excellent material to read online without buying any of his books. "Click here for a list of his 2001 articles in InfoWorld". Access his recent articles on "They'll be No XP for Me [Oct. 5, 2001]" and "No XP for Thee [No.v 2, 2001]".

BONUS Link 1:Zfee - get paid for protecting your privacy and its free. Click here for the quick "sign-up form".
BONUS Link 2:Make Your Site Sell - free info to help your Web business, and "Make Your Knowledge Sell".
BONUS Link 3:FareAgent - for help finding the best airfares; also "Travelocity", Expedia's "Fare Compare" and "Priceline".
BONUS Link 4:Teachers.Net - teachers resources along with chat and more; see also "National Teachers Enhancement Network".
BONUS Link 5:Memolink - complete surveys, play trivia and get free stuff; see also "iWon", LuckySurf", "WebMillion" and "FreeLotto".
BONUS Link 6:The Kitchen Link - 10,000+ cooking related resources and more.
BONUS Link 7:LowerMyBills - find the best deals near you.
BONUS Link 8:National Crime Prevention Council - home of "McGruff" the Crime Dog® and Take a Bite Out of Crime®
BONUS Link 9:IPO Insider - excellent IPO resource information provided by ZDNet.
BONUS Link 10:PayPal - a way to pay for things online - popular at eBay. See also "eCount", "ProPay", and "PayMe".
BONUS Link 11:Med-Tech Center - latest news on the Medical technology front.
BONUS Link 12:FindSounds - search for sounds on the Web; also try "Whoopie"; or look for "fonts" at "MyFonts".
BONUS Link 13:FreeLotto.com - play for free.
BONUS Link 14:Xdrive - looking for extra storage to access via the Web; try these also "Driveway", "MyDocsOnline", "FreeDrive", "iDrive" and "Myspace".

Standard Extras to check-out:

Extra Link 1:000Domains - register or transfer a domain for $13.50 per year; also 123Domains - for as little as $13.99 per year for domain name registration. I've used both and they work just fine.
Extra Link 2:ReadyHosting - a Web hosting service worth a serious look.
Extra Link 3:Pagoo Service - I use it to get my voice mail while I'm online! It really works great! "CallWave" is free but really doesn't compare. New is "BuzMe"
Extra Link 4:National Center for Missing and Exploited Children - and their "Alert" page with pictures.
Extra Link 5:THINKQUEST Information! (My neighbor's won 2x! Now he's a sophmore at Harvard!): - ThinkQuest and "ThinkQuest Junior" - "an annual contest that challenges students, ages 10 to 19, to use the Internet as a collaborative, interactive teaching and learning tool". Get the contest details here. Get your kids involved!
Extra Link 6: FreeDSL - free high-speed Internet access; if you sign up please use my email address for being referred - "pgreene@infostar.com" - Thanks!
Extra Link 7: FreeWebspace - interested in a Web site for no money? Check out this searchable index of 443 free Web space providers.

selectedPeter's schedule for appearing as a guest on Larry Meiller's show can seen by clicking here.

You can listen to Peter on WPR (Wisconsin Public Radio) - 970AM WHA Radio in Madison, WI monthly! It is broadcast live over the WPR radio network from the 7th floor of Vilas Hall, and is "Web casted" live via Real Audio - you'll need the "Real Audio player". The show is 90 minutes in length and covers the latest in PC computer technology , the Internet and the World Wide Web; show is a question & answer format. I have supported Wisconsin Public Radio for 15+ years with a monthly radio show on computer technology. The show is produced by Jim Packard and hosted by Larry Meiller.


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