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Peter Greene's Top 10 Web sites - Current List

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Peter Greene's Top 10 as announced on Mon., 10/02/2000

This list is for providing you with easy access to these "useful" Web pages. Use of the products and services offered is at your own risk. E-Mail me and give me your feedback at comments@infostar.com

  1. iPing - use iPing for free wake-up calls, reminder calls and notifications. You should also visit "MessageBlaster" by Envoy Worldwide. Wildfire - acts as a personal assistant, answers your phone, recognizes your frequent callers and more. Check out their "demo". MyeMessenger - MyEMessenger is a personal digital courier. Use it to send brief text messages to any alphanumeric wireless device, mobile phone, pager, even a PDA or two-way pager. View their "demo". Send a message to a group with 1-click (see also MessageBlaster).
  2. FreeSkills - 200+ full online training courses, 35,000+ pages of professionally developed, high quality content pages. You'll need Adobe's Acrobat Reader. Also visit my "iWebhitz" and checkout the training category.
  3. IndustryClick - online communities to help you find the information you need to be more productive. Included are: AgriClick, MarketingClick, and more. Also visit "VerticalNet" and "Ventro".
  4. BrainBuzz - an Information Technology (IT) resource. For IT professionals looking for jobs, certification, network engineers, developers, IT products, and IT employers to stay on the leading edge of technology. Try my "iWebhitz" where you'll also find "CMPnet", "C/Net" and "ZDNet", "TechTV", "Internet.com"and more!
  5. BuyLink - for vendors and retailers. Buylink provides vendors and manufacturers’ representatives the opportunity to sell products to a huge population of retailers at a fraction of the cost of traditional means. Checkout "Sports-Expo".
  6. ClicVu - ClicVU means you, the Web surfer, are in control - their patent-pending "VU Now" or "VU Later" service lets you save banner ads for you to click on them when it's more convenient. ClicVU is free, easy, and private. Use ClicVU anonymously. You can "VU" your stored ads any time, from anywhere! You should also know about "SpaceProxy".
  7. AdCritic - here is where you will find practically any ad that you have seen on TV. You'll need "Apple's QuickTime" (free version works fine) to view the ads. Also visit "AdNewz".
  8. Axie - search engine that matches your interests. It also a way to track online competitors. Your "spy tools" should also include - "SooKoo", "CompanySleuth", "Anonymizer", "Spyonit", and "NameGuard". You'll also want to check out "BannerStake", "Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals", Alexa, "CiSeek", "I3 Internet Intelligence Index", "EDGAR", "Individual News", "Hoovers", and "Competia" to stay on top of things.
  9. RadioFreeCash - get paid for listening to the radio over the Internet. See also "CashRadio" and "Soundom".
  10. CandyStand - by Lifesavers. You'll need Macromedia's Shockwave to experience the fun and games. Considered to be a very "sticky" Web site in that you will stay for more than a few clicks!
  11. "A Brian Livingston article" - on how to deal with the new Windows ME upgrade. Here's "Brian Web site".
  12. DigiChat - check this out if you want to add "chat" to your Web site.
  13. Stop2Win - a chance to win online; also visit "WinDaily", "1stSweepstakes", "iWin", and "Winfreestuff.com".
  14. WildBrain - the animation network. A wide variety of animations along with sound.
  15. SignOnline - for secure digital signatures online
  16. Vmyths - resource that covers computer virus myths & hoaxes; see also "Virus Hoax Listings", and "InfoStar's List of Resources".
  17. IFCC - Internet Fraud Complaint Center - mission is to address fraud committed over the Internet. Also visit "Internet Scambusters" and for email abuse see "Mail Abuse Prevention".
  18. FreeScholarships - they closed but check out "Achieva", "FastWeb", and "Petersons".
  19. Xdrive - looking for extra storage to access via the Web; try these also "Driveway", "MyDocsOnline", "FreeDrive", "iDrive" and "Myspace".
  20. (*)Spyonit - smart monitoring and notification technology; Web developers should visit the "Spybuilder" page. Click here for "the "Spyonit" that I created for you to monitor my Techlinks page .

BONUS Link 1:Check out my eLiving(tm) Guide which is an "Editor's Pick".
BONUS Link 2:Make Your Site Sell - free info to help your Web business, and "Make Your Knowledge Sell".
BONUS Link 3:FareAgent - for help finding the best airfares; also "Travelocity", Expedia's "Fare Compare" and "Priceline".
BONUS Link 4:Teachers.Net - teachers resources along with chat and more; see also "National Teachers Enhancement Network".
BONUS Link 5:Memolink - complete surveys, play trivia and get free stuff; see also "iWon", LuckySurf", "WebMillion" and "FreeLotto".
BONUS Link 6:The Kitchen Link - 10,000+ cooking related resources and more.
BONUS Link 7:LowerMyBills - find the best deals near you.
BONUS Link 8:National Crime Prevention Council - home of "McGruff" the Crime Dog® and Take a Bite Out of Crime®
BONUS Link 9:IPO Insider - excellent IPO resource information provided by ZDNet.
BONUS Link 10:PayPal - a way to pay for things online - popular at eBay. See also "eCount", "ProPay", and "PayMe".
BONUS Link 11:Med-Tech Center - latest news on the Medical technology front.
BONUS Link 12:FindSounds - search for sounds on the Web; also try "Whoopie"; or look for "fonts" at "MyFonts".
BONUS Link 13:FreeLotto.com - play for free.

Standard Extras to check-out:

Extra Link 1:123Domains - only $13.99 per year for domain name registration!
Extra Link 2:StoreRunner - a shopping agent to help you shop; also worth a look = MySimon and "Repond"
Extra Link 3:Pagoo Service - I use it to get my voice mail while I'm online! It really works great! "CallWave" is free but really doesn't compare. New is "BuzMe"
Extra Link 4:National Center for Missing and Exploited Children - and their "Alert" page with pictures.
Extra Link 5:THINKQUEST Information! (My neighbor's won 2x! Now he's a freshman at Harvard!): - ThinkQuest and "ThinkQuest Junior" - "an annual contest that challenges students, ages 10 to 19, to use the Internet as a collaborative, interactive teaching and learning tool". Get the contest details here. Get your kids involved!
Extra Link 6: FreeDSL - free high-speed Internet access; if you sign up please use my email address for being referred - "pgreene@infostar.com" - Thanks!

selectedPeter's schedule for appearing as a guest on Larry Meiller's show can seen by clicking here.

You can listen to Peter on WPR (Wisconsin Public Radio) - 970AM WHA Radio in Madison, WI monthly! It is broadcast live over the WPR radio network from the 7th floor of Vilas Hall, and is "Web casted" live via Real Audio - you'll need the "Real Audio player". The show is 90 minutes in length and covers the latest in PC computer technology , the Internet and the World Wide Web; show is a question & answer format. I have supported Wisconsin Public Radio for 15+ years with a monthly radio show on computer technology. The show is produced by Jim Packard and hosted by Larry Meiller.


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