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Peter Greene's Top 10+ as announced on Monday - February 5th, 2018

This list is for providing you with easy access to these "useful" Web pages. Please visit my NEW "Tips and Favorite Applications" Page, WEBHITZ® for access to our Web menus! Use of the products and services offered on any of these Web pages is at your own risk! E-Mail me and give me your feedback at Due to the volume of email I get I cannot possibly reply to every message!

    Next show is April 2nd, 2018

  1. - did you know that as of May 26, 2017 ----> 16,238,577 air bags have been repaired! Learn about vehicle safety through our federal government's resource. Use this link - to search for all vehicles affected by the recall -
  2. - a resource that covers just about everything related to Apple and its products.
  3. - a resource dedicated to how technology will affect change in our lives utilizing a massive mainstream audience through our digital connections of smartphones, tablets, computers and other inter-connected devices (smart-watches, etc...) .
  4. - is an evidence-based, physician-authored clinical decision support resource which clinicians trust & utilize to make the right point-of-care decisions. Quoted from their Website, "Over 1.3 million clinicians in 187 countries and nearly 90% of major academic medical centers in the United States rely on UpToDate to provide the best care. More than 80 research studies confirm widespread usage of UpToDate and the association of its use with improved patient care and hospital performance — including reduced length of stay, fewer adverse complications, and lower mortality."
  5. - a resource that provides news, info, reviews and help for users of android-powered devices - including smartphones, tablets, etc....
  6. - [as of 2-5-2018] is a technology blog that was founded in 2005 by Martin Brinkmann. It has since then become one of the most popular technology sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers. more than 20,000 articles were published on the site by Martin and his team which received more than 200,000 user comments.
  7. - a Web resource that tries to provide a comprehensive solution for travel searches: from commercial flights, trains, and charter flights to hotels and vacation rentals through or [Book unique homes and experiences all over the world]. For more travel search help also try:,,,, and Travel deals and specials can also be found at: [Note: sometimes you can save a little money by just buying airline tickets through the actual airlines' own Website (ie. Frontier Airlines tickets, in my opinion, are best purchased on their Website).
  8. - details to know about their initiative and mission [as of 2-5-2018] ----> Founded: May 28, 2008; Funds Pledged since inception: Over $481 Million; Number of scientists participating in SU2C-funded research: Over 1200; Clinical Trials funded by SU2C planned, initiated or completed: Over 180; Patients enrolled in SU2C supported Clinical Trials: Over 9,000 patients; Number of institutions joining in SU2C's collaborative mission: Over 140; Number of people in the U.S. who were diagnosed with cancer today: 4,627; AND = Time to fix the problem: Now.
  9. - an awesome resource of pictures about us and our planet.
  10. - a resource of interesting articles that covers life's challenges, along with innovative gadget reviews to help with some of those challenges.
  11. Windows 10 - creating a recovery thumbdrive, Windows 10 recovery drive #2 or Windows 8 or 10 recovery drive Solution #3.
  12. Windows 10 Missing Fonts Solution #1 or try this other Windows 10 Missing Fonts Solution #2.
  13. - National Do Not Call Registry - Wisconsin now uses this - but here is Wisconsin's DoNotCall Web resource: Wisconsin Do Not Call Registry. Also visit: How to report unwanted calls.
  14. How to Stop Unwanted Calls on Your Cell Phone or Landline: article, article, and article.
  15. Another resource to check out for Cell Phone/PC/Online privacy and security apps (software) that includes secure & encrypted chat, messaging, calling; plus password managers, Web browsing in privacy, and more is: Tom's Guide article. I use "CM Security" on my Samsung Android powered phone to screen and block almost every annoying "telemarketer" incoming cell phone call. Please note ---> that this is not an endorsement by me; it works ok but is not without its own quirks. Use it at your own risk.
  16. Troubleshooting Windows 10 printer problemsLast show's tip on how to fix common Windows 10 printer problems (it is not you - it is Microsoft that keeps having trouble!.

  17. *** Some Extras listed below ***

  18. ***** - another backup software program; also has ghosting feature (duplicating "drives" - especially hard drives - check out their FREE version of their "Macrium Reflect" software.
  19. ****Classic Shell ---> This is a Windows 8 "free utility" to make it look more like Windows-7 or Windows XP. I have used it a few times on Windows 8 systems; and, it has worked well for me. Good luck!

  20. Peter Greene's Selection of Most Popular Applications (Apps) - Software

  21. Microsoft "Office" - remember Visicalc? WordStar? WordPerfect? Lotus 1-2-3? Multiplan? Also now: "Google Docs"
  22. Adobe's "Photoshop" - they are also known for their "Creative Suite". Related - remember Corel Draw? Saw money and use "Google's Picasa".
  23. "Google's Gmail". Also: Yahoo Mail, AOL, Outlook by Microsoft, Windows Live Mail (by Microsoft), Apple Mail.
  24. "Google Maps" or just using your smartphone for a GPS [Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based satellite navigation system]. Remember MapQuest?
  25. Google's "YouTube". Along with "Twitter", "Pinterest" and "Facebook" you are a social butterfly. Remember "MySpace"?.
  26. "eBay" - connects buyer's and seller's from all over the world.
  27. "" by Ookla; just nice to know how face your Internet connection really is. I have been using this for years and really appreciate it!
  28. "Skype" (for traveling) - it has changed hands (owners) a few times. So the rules / costs might change just like cell phone plans do!
  29. "WhatsApp" (for traveling) - also handy for travelling outside the U.S.
  30. Apple's "iTunes". If you own an Apple product then you pretty much have to use it. But don't forget this handy app --->"i-FunBox" [I like the classic version]
  31. The "Staples": Operating Systems: Free"Ubuntu" and paid for version such as Apple's OSX (Yeosemite) and Microsoft Windows 8.1 (I still like 7 over 8). I think OSX runs better and if you hate doing backups you can't beat TimeMachine in OSX. Under the hood Apple's OSX really is a version of Unix; and Linux (Ubuntu, Redhat and others) is also a version of Unix.
  32. The other Staples: Web browser - Mozilla's "FireFox". And the others: Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Chrome, Apple's Safari.

  33. *** Below are last month's choices ****

  34. - a resource dedicated to everything about time! Checkout their easy to use calendar that you can modify and print out. Includes data and information about the moon, sun, time zones, and more!
  35. - a news resource dedicated to the Caribbean nations/islands. After the 2017 hurricane season this might prove to be a useful resource if you are planning on travelling to this region.
  36. - a resource dedicated to recipes! Search 1,000,000+ recipes and more. Very visual-picture style well-organized resource that includes the recipe and nutritional value of each serving.
  37. [Beta] - analyzes millions of reviews and helps you decide which ones to trust. This is a great idea but it needs work! Also checkout: "".
  38. - claims to have unbiased ratings for hundreds of sleep products based on 341,000+ consumer experiences. This Web resource is all about looking for your next bed mattress. Also visit: "" and "".
  39. - a nonprofit focused on health and transparency in consumer product labeling. Uses testing data and science to reveal the true contents of America’s best-selling consumer products. Products are tested in an accredited analytical chemistry laboratory for 130 harmful environmental and industrial contaminants and toxins. Results are published as Product Ratings. Their mission: Use state of the art laboratory testing to expose the best and worst performers through our 5 star rating system, and to provide certification and on-package seal of approval so consumers can see past flashy marketing.
  40. - one of the world’s largest programming community. Launched in 2010, the Stack Exchange network consists of 133 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.
  41. [part of] - a resource that is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users. Organized into a wide variety of computer related topics such as: Windows-7, Linux, Networking, MacOS, Ubuntu, Wireless-Networking, etc...
  42. [Beta] - a Web resource that tracks consumer product recalls issued by the, Consumer and Product Safety Commission (CPSC), since January 1999, child restraint and vehicle (but not after-market equipment) recalls issued by the, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), since January 1999, and FDA and UDSA recalls issued since May 2013. EPA and boat recalls are not included. Also note: The accuracy, completeness or adequacy of information and services offered by WeMakeItSafer, Inc. is not guaranteed.
  43. - an online coupon Web resource with some interesting promos for online shopping; includes a lot of the big-name online stores including Amazon, Walmart, Kohl's, HomeDepot and more. If you are going to buy online you might as well take what they give you! Also visit: "eBates".

As discussed on a previous show - I have listed resources to help you search for access to public information, and, information that may be purchased.

Note: I have no affiliation or am I making any endorsement for use of these resources; just pointing out examples to access this kind of information on the Internet and World Wide Web. I tried to group the resources together as best as possible.

Keep in mind that even though you may sign-up to be a member of a Web site - that some of your information, such as a "user name" for your membership may be accessible outside of that resource by search engines such as (this also includes images). So you may want to change your use of your "user name" across multiple sites; similar to changing your use of the same passwords to protect yourself. Or it is a question to ask yourself - how visible or invisible do I want to be online? If you associate your name (even a nickname or alias and someone knows it) with a face then you are visible.

A way to save money - sign-up for a trial account that may give you "a 7-day window to use the service" if you pay the annual fee; however, make sure you note the cancellation date or you may end-up paying for the entire year! [make sure you check out their "Other Products Page"] , Google's Image search, (part of Google), and Google's Plus (similar to Facebook); note Google makes money by selling advertising - they make this statement as related to Google Plus - "'Google may use my account information to personalize +1s on content and ads on non-Google web sites.'" and two other search engines to work with that are also popular.
Facebook has become popular not only for individuals but business and organizations to use as a social media marketing tool to gain popularity.
LinkedIn - typically considered for business professional but also used by others.
MySpace - was more popular before Facebook but still used by individuals. Another social connectivity resource like facebook.
Twitter - a social networking tool - find out what’s happening, right now, with the people and organizations you are interested in (if they tweet !!!). - business community where you can find out more detailed information on a business and its contacts. - provides free online company search and people search tools. - information on 37+ million Companies and 35+ million executive. - helps Business-to-Business companies discover and connect with millions of targeted sales prospects. Find verified contact information, including email, phone, and social media. and - comprehensive people search resources to use; costs/fees to access (I have no experience with them). - search engine that claims to be the "most comprehensive people search on the Web"; dive into the deep Web to bring you results you won't find in any other search engine then we use a powerful identity resolution engine to link those seemingly disparate results into a set of meaningful profiles so you can easily find the person you are looking for.
Radaris - another comprehensive people search resource to use. - another comprehensive people search resource to use. - a social media search tool. - looking for close relatives, family tree, divorce, marriage, birth, death records? - claims to have an extensive database of images, newspapers, vital records, and more for your ancestors' historical records. - a resource that has access to local Yellow Pages, White Pages, search, directories, news, weather and more. - looking for phone numbers, addresses, reverse look-ups? gain entrance to those official state Web resources that provide online access to property tax and related information. Check out the State of Wisconsin info and local Dane County examples below.


Wisconsin and local resources examples:
Access to the Public Records of the Consolidated Court Automation Programs (CCAP) from the Wisconsin Court System - commonly referred to as "CCAP"; and City of Madison Property Taxes

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