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Peter Greene's Top 10 Web sites - Current List

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Peter Greene's Top 10+ as announced on Monday, 1/7/2008

This list is for providing you with easy access to these "useful" Web pages. Please visit my NEW "Tips and Favorite Applications" Page, WEBHITZ® for access to our Web menus! Use of the products and services offered on any of these Web pages is at your own risk! E-Mail me and give me your feedback at web1@infostar.com. Due to the volume of email I get I cannot possibly reply to every message!

  1. TheAirCar.com - [Company name is MDI = Moteur Developpment International - company was formed in 1992 by its inventor "ex-Formula One engineer Guy Nègre"; their auto products are: MiniCat and CityCat cars ] SPECS: CityCat model will clock out at 68 mph with a driving range of 125 miles on a full supply of air. The Business Model: rather than setting up a single large factory to make and distribute the cars around the world, MDI has divided the world into 400 territories and is selling exclusive licenses to regional groups to manufacture and sell the cars locally. A recent agreement with Tata Motors of India --> "approximately 6000 Air Cars will be cruising the streets of India by 2008". Concept & Theory: The compressed air technology is basically just a way of storing electrical energy without the need for costly, heavy, and occasionally toxic batteries. So, in a sense, this is an electric car. It just doesn't have an electric motor. Video - "Air Car Ready for Mass Production".
  2. Zuula.com a new Web-Internet "Video" search engine in beta. Also visit: "YouTube".
  3. EcoGeek.org - publishes up to ten stories daily about innovations that are saving the planet.
  4. ChallengeBibendum.com - Challenge Bibendum last took place in Shanghai, Nov. of 2007 [created by Michelin in 1998] is a unique event for the promotion of sustainable road mobility; to foster in-depth understanding on the latest advanced vehicle technology to help achieve a more fuel-efficient, cleaner, safer and freer-flowing road mobility.
  5. NationalGeographic.com- if you haven't visited this one lately it has awesome pictures, videos and lots more about our the world around us and our universe!.
  6. SoftwareTipsAndTricks.com - a tech support resource that you might find handy to use. Also check out their "forums".
  7. Toolkit.com - a resource for business owners; they claim since 1995 - more than 5,000 pages of free cost-cutting tips, step-by-step checklists, real-life case studies, startup advice, and business templates to small business owners and entrepreneurs.
  8. SortPrice.com - an Internet comparison shopping tool; helps you to search products and compare prices from thousands of stores. Also visit: "MySimon", "PriceGrabber" and "Epinions".
  9. CollectiveGood.com - is the mobile devices [cell phones, PDA's, pagers] recycling resource. (PDA = Personal Digital Assistant)
  10. OfficeRecovery.com a resource of data recovery software for corrupted files and media. Software utilities to fix damaged Microsoft Office documents, restore lost emails and mailboxes, repair corrupted databases and retrieve files from crashed hard disks and bad diskettes. Checkout their "FreeUndelete".
  11. Windows XP Service Pack 3 Release Candidate - this is Microsoft's Web page to download their next patch to Windows XP. It is a 336+MB file! CAUTION: In Microsoft's own words ----> "This pre-release software is provided for testing purposes only. Microsoft does not recommend installing this software on primary or mission critical systems. Microsoft recommends that you have a backup of your data prior to installing any pre-release software."
  12. *** Below are last month's choices ****

  13. Hulu.com - online streaming video - access to hit shows, movies, clips and more. Also visit: "YouTube".
  14. Boxxet.com (pronounced "box set") - presents what they consider to be the "best of" news, blogs, videos, photos, gear and much more on your favorite subjects. Also visit: "Digg".
  15. Flightaware.com - a free flight tracker. They claim it will change what you think about live flight tracking and aviation information. [Claims they have tracked 4,328 airborne aircraft with 55,717,229 total flights in their database.]
  16. MyWireless.org - a non-profit consumer advocacy organization giving wireless consumers a powerful and unified voice.
  17. EnergyTaxIncentives.org [The Tax Incentives Assistance Project (TIAP)] - a resource designed to give consumers and businesses information they need to make use of the federal income tax incentives for energy efficient products and technologies passed by Congress as part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Also visit: "EnergyStar" and the "federal government's Tax Credit info".
  18. FundRaisingForSports.com - a new resource to provide help for you to raise money for your athletic teams. Also visit: "AthleticBid".
  19. Zap2it.com - a TV and movie guide with news, blog and forums. Also visit: "TVZap".
  20. ColourLikeNoOther.com - neat multimedia presentation and ads [including 1-time video takes] about Sony Bravia HDTV's.
  21. MuseumPods.com - a resource dedicated to museum podcasts.
  22. HealthyPeople.gov [a Federal Government initiative called "Healthy People 2010"] - it is a statement of national health objectives designed to identify the most significant preventable threats to health and to establish national goals to reduce these threats.

selectedPeter's schedule for appearing as a guest on Larry Meiller's show can seen by clicking here.

You can listen to Peter on WPR (Wisconsin Public Radio) - 970AM WHA Radio in Madison, WI monthly! It is broadcast live over the WPR radio network from the 7th floor of Vilas Hall, and is "Web casted" live via Real Audio - you'll need the "Real Audio player". The show is 90 minutes in length and covers the latest in PC computer technology , the Internet and the World Wide Web; show is a question & answer format. I have supported Wisconsin Public Radio for nearly 18 years with a monthly radio show on computer technology. The show is produced by Jim Packard and hosted by Larry Meiller.


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