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  • Adrenalin
  • Brady Games - strategy guides for today's hottest game titles
  • c/net gamecenter - reviews, info, and more
  • Card Games
  • Computer Gaming World
  • Computer Player Magazine - they have lists of "current" top rated games
  • Game Cabinet - monthly mag
  • GameCenter - from c/net
  • Game Link
  • Gamer's Ledge - lots of useful links; including downloadable games
  • Gamer's Ledge Online Magazine links
  • Games Domain - Games related information site
  • Game Factory
  • GameGuide - by CMP Publications
  • The GameMaster - has new games with the fastest path to payoffs on the Internet
  • Game Page
  • Game Power - for PC, Mac, Playstation, Sega Saturn + N-64 game enthusiasts
  • Gameroom
  • GamerZone - game industry news, product info, hint finder system
  • Gamesmania
  • GameSpot - links, resources
  • Gametek
  • GameZone - games, downloads, FAQs, chat, etc
  • Goldtree Enterprises
  • Happy Puppy
  • Hyper@ctive - gaming site; informative, "code-breakers" for games
  • Internet Gaming Zone - play bridge, chess, hearts, games all day
  • Kali - is the largest Internet gaming system in the world
  • N64 - unofficial N64 web site
  • Nintendo's home page
  • Online Gaming Review - by Computer and Net Player
  • PC Game Finder - searchable; links to demos, reviews, previews, + more
  • PlaySite - Java site; chess, checkers, and more
  • Sega's Home on the Internet
  • Sixdegrees - everyone on the earth is connected by a path of six people or less
  • Sony PlayStation - unofficial web page
  • Trivia Online - register; online trivia game
  • Video Games On Line - well organized; searchable
  • VideoGameSpot - info, reviews, cheat codes, previews, movies + more
  • Virtual Arcade - video games you can play
  • Virtual Comics - by Byron Preiss Multimedia
  • WWW Virtual Library: Games and Recreation
  • YPN: NetGames - a broad guide

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